3 Great Routines to Define Abs Quickly

· 16th August 2018
For some people, getting defined abs quickly is a hard task. But we must remember that we all have abs under a layer of fat, and the goal is to work on reducing that layer. To achieve this, it’s important to maintain a good diet and workout routine.

The abdomen is the cavity of the human body that contains the organs of the digestive and genitourinary system. The muscles of the abdomen are long, narrow and originate in the inner side of the seventh to the twelfth rib. In this post we’ll show you three abdominal routines that will help you to define your abs quickly.

Burn, burn and burn

Getting your abs defined quickly is not a difficult task, if you try hard enough. There are two secrets: fat burning and perseverance. Through abdominal routines, fat burning will cause the muscles of your abdomen to show through. However, to achieve this you must be constant. There’s no problem if you get tired, take a break but start over again afterwards; finish the routine and be constant, that way you will definitely get the results you want.

Woman doing her abs routine

Basic routine for beginners

This routine is very simple and it’s ideal for people who are not used to working out. It’s quite complete and doesn’t involve the use of accessories. Just by using your body and the ground you’ll be ready to start. In addition, they’re basic movements that you can do easily. You don’t need to be an expert in sports to perform this routine.

  • Three series of 100 scissor jumps: scissor jumps are when you open and close your arms and legs every time you jump.
  • Four series of 25 crunches: a crunch is the basic sit-up. It’s enough to lie on your back with your knees bent and slightly raise your shoulders. Remember that you must concentrate all of your strength in your abdomen, and not bend your neck excessively.
  • Three sets of a 30 seconds plank: the plank is done by placing yourself as if you were going to do push-ups, but putting your weight on your elbows. Keep your back straight in that position for the stipulated time.

Do this routine every day, if possible, twice. You’ll see how your abdomen will begin to be defined and your body will feel in shape. There is nothing more beneficial than working out, not only for aesthetics but also for our body’s well-being.

Intermediate routine

This routine increases the difficulty a little more, you must do it twice. It’s important that you hydrate yourself before, during and after training. Also, remember to contract the muscles in your abdomen when doing these exercises; it will make them more effective than you think.

  • Ten minutes of jogging.
  • Five sets of 20 crunches.
  • Five sets of 20 sit-up crunches: lie on your back and place your hands under your buttocks. Then, raise your legs about two inches off the ground and slightly raise one of them higher than the other. Do one up and one down, alternating between them. Don’t touch the ground.
  • Five series of a one minute plank.
  • Three sets of planks for 45 seconds, with knee to elbows: in this exercise you must put yourself in the plank position and bring one knee to the elbow, alternating between your legs.

Pro routine

Of all the routines, this one is the most demanding. But everyone can do it. The important thing is to keep the pace that your body allows. Abdominals are a group of muscles, therefore different exercises must be combined to work them completely. Since our goal is to burn fat, this routine combines fat burning exercises and high intensity interval trainings.

Repeat this routine two or three times each week, accompany it with a good diet and you’ll be ready to show off your abs in no time. This routine is quite demanding, but remember one of our secrets: perseverance. If you’re constant, you will feel proud to see everything you can achieve.

45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest:

  • Jump the rope: you can jump the rope any way you want. If you don’t have a rope, it’s okay, do the exercise simulating that you have it.
  • Burpee: the burpee is an exercise in which you must jump and then do a push-up.
  • In and outs: this exercise is done in the plank position with extended elbows, bring your knees up to your chest in a quick jump and then return to the original position.
  • Russian twist: Russian twist is done with a dumbbell (Or a ball if you don’t want to use a dumbbell). Sit on the floor with your legs extended outwards and lean slightly on your back while holding the dumbbell. Try to touch the floor on your sides with the dumbbell by twisting you upper body.
  • Pull-ups: for this exercise you will need a bar to hold on to; lift your legs until your knees touch the bar. If you don’t have a bar, you can lie on the floor and place your hands under your buttocks. And then raise your legs at a ninety degree angle and go down without touching the floor, and so on.
  • L-sit: L-sit means ‘sitting like an L’ because the body takes an L position. Sit on a straight surface and detach your body from the surface using your hands to hold you. Extend your legs in front of you and hold this position.
  • Skipping: skipping is a high trot. In the same place, or moving if you like, raise your knees as much as you can.
Group of people doing burpees

Work your abs!

With these three routines there’s no excuse for not having great abs. The proposed exercises range from the simplest to the most demanding ones, you can alternate them weekly for a change. Remember you need a healthy diet to have energy and to be able to do the training without decompensating yourself. Also, stay hydrated all the time. Fat burning and perseverance, don’t forget it!