Fabio Capello: One of the Top European Coaches

Fabio Capello won many titles in the 1990s and early 2000s. This caused some people to consider him one of the best European coaches.
Fabio Capello: One of the Top European Coaches

Last update: 21 March, 2020

During the 1990s, Fabio Capello would win almost anything he faced as a coach. That’s why people consider him to be one of the best coaches in Europe; he’s a complete idol in Italy. In the following article, we’ll cover the biography of Fabio Capello.

His beginnings as a player

Before talking about Fabio Capello’s career as a coach, let’s take a moment to analyze his career as a player. Although he changed teams on some occasions, he always played in his native country, Italy.

He started at Pieris, where his father Guerrino was a coach. He then went to SPAL 1907, where he debuted in 1964. During that same season, he descended from the Series A (but returned the following season).

Roma signed him in 1967, and while he helped the team lead the league, a knee injury kept him out for much of the season. He was champion of the Italian Cup in 1968 with Roma.

In 1970, Capello switched teams to Juventus FC, where he played 165 games in six seasons. After that time, he went to Milan and played three seasons; he ended his career there.

It’s also worth noting that Fabio Capello represented the Italian team in 32 games and scored the only goal that caused his country to beat England at the legendary Wembley Stadium.

Fabio Capello as a player
Image: BeSoccer.

The career of Fabio Capello as a coach

Fabio started his career as a coach in the same team in which he ended his playing career. It was 1991 and the Rossoneri had spent many seasons without a title.

That’s when the golden age of Capello began, partly because he coached star players such as Paolo Maldini and Marco Van Basten. With Capello, Milan FC was undefeated for 58 games (almost 2 years) and won no less than nine titles.

In 1996, he became the coach of the Real Madrid FC, although he only stayed for one season because he couldn’t convince the team, despite winning a league. That’s how the Italian decided to return to his home, Milan FC, but only for one of the three years that were initially offered.

Capello took a break for a short time and returned to coach Roma in 1999. This allowed the team to win a scudetto after a decade of drought.

The Romans didn’t like him that much, which is why he emigrated to Juventus FC in 2004; he won two consecutive scudettos with that team. These titles were then removed from the club’s showcases due to a match-fixing scandal.

Fabio Capello as a coach

It was then that Capello decided to resign from his role and became the Madrid coach again. His goal was to put an end to three years that the team had gone without winning any titles.

But once again, the Italian’s defensive style was not something that the Madrid team enjoyed very much. They also didn’t like his decision to leave David Beckham and Ronaldo out of the headlines. In 2007, he was fired for his poor performance.

An interesting turn of events

A short time after that, he took over as coach for the England national team, where he had to recruit the Spice Boy! And not only that, but he also named him captain. After several victories, he entered the World Cup in Germany, in which the English were eliminated in the 16th round. Capello remained in the position until 2012, the year in which he presented his resignation.

However, his coaching career would continue for a while. He was in command of the Russian national team up until July 2015, the year in which he resigned. That was after qualifying for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. The last team he coached was Jiangsu Suning of the Chinese Super League, for less than a season.

In summary, as a coach, Fabio Capello has won 14 titles (nine of them at Milan FC) and led 845 games; he has an effectiveness of more than 65 percent of victories. Despite his controversial decisions and playing style, no one can deny that the Sergeant is one of the best coaches in Europe.

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