Using Kettlebell Weights for a Full-Body Workout

Kettlebell weights can be a great addition to our workout routines, especially if we alternate between exercises with and without kettlebells.
Using Kettlebell Weights for a Full-Body Workout

Last update: 23 August, 2018

As one of the most versatile workout tools currently available in our gyms, kettlebell weights are trending among athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to lose weight and/or gain muscle.

As a result of their unique shape and design, there are many kinds of exercises that we can do with kettlebell weights, that we can’t otherwise do with traditional dumbbells.

The peculiar looking handle is the most attractive feature of the kettlebell weight. It’s what really differentiates the kettlebell from the dumbbell and allows us to incorporate the kettlebell into so many different workouts. Have you incorporated the kettlebell weights into your workouts yet?

Kettlebell weights come in different weights and sizes so that you can modify your workout to your specific needs. As you improve, you can try heavier weights, or you can add more variety to your workouts.

kettlebell weights are great for crossfit training

With this new workout routine, which requires just one kettlebell weight, you won’t be able to say that you don’t have the time, space, or money to exercise. But, you will need to get excited and ready to train and sweat.

More than just swinging it

If you’re a fan of crossfit, or you’re generally familiar with kettlebell weights, you’ve probably realized that the traditional kettlebell workout is based on a simple swing motion. This is for one primary reason:

The swing motion is fundamental to the majority of exercises that can be performed with kettlebell weights. Nevertheless, there are some workouts that aren’t just limited to the traditional swing movement.

Kettlebell clean

This “kettlebell clean” exercise works our quadriceps, shoulders, and core.

We trust the strength of our legs to lift the weight, which helps us to improve our power. Furthermore, if we do several repetitions of this exercise, we also improve our cardiovascular resistance.

Try goblet squats with kettlebell weights

Goblet squat with kettlebell weights

The goblet squat is an interesting exercise that strengthens and works our entire body.

We start by holding the kettlebell weight against our chest. In this way, it acts as a counterweight which allows us to sit into a deeper, and more secure squat position.

This extra depth forces us to open up our hips which, in turn, makes our shoulders and abdominals work harder to maintain balance. With a kettlebell weight, a simple squat becomes a more complete, full-body workout.

Kettlebell thruster with kettlebell weights

The kettlebell thruster adds an extra vertical press to the traditional squat exercise.

Including this exercise in our workout routine ensures extra cardiovascular activity, while working almost all of the muscles in our bodies.

Reverse lunge with kettlebell weights

To finish up our routine, we’ll incorporate this reverse lunge which, with a kettlebell weight, works our shoulders and abdominals, even more than it would with traditional dumbbells.

To maintain the position of the kettlebell against our chest, our torso and waist need to work harder to keep the correct posture. Our muscles burn as we struggle to keep our balance.

These four simple exercises combine perfectly to form custom circuits.

One of the most preferable options is to perform a circuit of these exercises, repeating these exercises for five minutes, while resting in between.

Keep in mind the following…

posture is essential to proper training with kettlebell weights

The main reason why kettlebells are in style is, without a doubt, because they demonstrate a long list of benefits. That being said, it’s important to main proper posture and technique to avoid risks and complications.

Additionally, since kettlebell workouts engage various large muscle groups at once, they can be quite demanding for our bodies. That’s why, we should already be in optimal physical condition before beginning to work with kettlebell weights.

As we’ve mentioned, kettlebell weights can really enhance our workout routine, especially if our long-term goal is to burn calories, while at the same time working our muscles. Nevertheless, we recommend that beginners combine kettlebell workouts with other exercise routines, both inside and outside the gym.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.