The Best Ab Home Workout You Can Do

Discover the best abdominal routines to train at home. There's no need to leave the house to get into shape, so there should be no excuses not to try!
The Best Ab Home Workout You Can Do

Last update: 09 April, 2019

More and more people are looking for the best ab home workout. Through videos or apps, we have access to a lot of information that can be very useful. If you want to work your abs, you can do it at home without any problems.

Home workouts: the abs

It’s true that working your abs is in the group of  “most hated exercises” but everybody wants to show off a toned belly (a ‘six-pack’ as it’s sometimes called). So, if you’re working out at home, we recommend that you include them in your routine.

Woman with ripped abs

You can work your abs easily in your home, you don’t need any special items or equipment other than sportswear. If you want to be more comfortable, you can buy a mat, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Organize your weekly routine so that even if it’s only twice a week, you work your abs completely. There’s no need to spend too much time on these exercises, 10 minutes a day (maximum) is enough.

The ab home workout should also include about 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio, in order to activate the muscles. Of course, you can’t forget stretching at the end of the routine.

Examples of ab exercises you can do in your home workout

Without further ado, it’s time for you to get to know the best exercises to work your abs. If you want to have a toned belly, include them in your routine:

1. Crunches

Crunches are the basic exercise for abs, but that doesn’t mean you should put them aside. In this type of exercise, it’s essential to use the correct techniques, including slow and rhythmic movements.

Woman doing traditional crunches in her ab home workout

To do this type of ab exercises, lie on your back on the floor or mat, bend your knees and support the soles of your feet on the floor.  Put your arms behind your head. Lift your torso until your shoulder blades are detached from the ground, always with the elbows ‘facing’ outwards and without making the effort with your back, instead push through with your belly.

2. Plank

It’s one of the most trendy exercises in recent times due to its effectiveness. With a one-minute plank a day routine, you can practically tone your abs in a month.

Woman doing a plank at home

In addition, planks are perfect for a home workout because they don’t need any accessories or too much space. Lie face down with your legs stretched out and use your forearms and toes to lift your body off the ground. The idea is to stay parallel to the floor and maintain the posture as long as possible.

3. Bicycle crunches

It’s another one of the classics, as far as crunches are concerned. And, the good thing is that in addition to working the belly, you’ll also be improving your level of coordination between arms and legs.

Woman doing bicycle crunches

To do bicycle crunches you have to lie on your back, with your legs extended and your hands on the sides of your head. Bend your right knee (towards your chest) while lifting your head and shoulders off the floor. Turn your torso slightly to touch your right knee with your left elbow.

Stretch your right leg while flexing your left leg and turning your body to that side, to touch your right elbow with your left knee. The movement must be continuous and well coordinated. Do it slowly at first and then increase the speed.

  4. Lateral plank

Of course, there are many versions of the famous plank, and the lateral is one of them. Perfect for an abdominal home workout!

Woman doing lateral planks at home

To begin, lie on your side with your legs stretched out and rest your forearm. Elevate your body so that it’s in a diagonal position in relation to the floor. To balance yourself, you can extend the other arm and align it with the one that is holding your weight. After 30 seconds, change sides and repeat the same process.

5. Legs to chest

It’s an exercise that can’t be missing from your ab home workout either. It will allow you to work the lower abdomen, and you can reserve the last place in your routine for it.

Man doing an ab home workout

Lie on your back with your legs stretched out and your hands under your thighs. Raise both legs at the same time, as stretched as possible. As you descend, leave them one second as close to the ground as possible to increase the effort.

Finally, don’t forget to have a healthy and balanced diet, which will allow you to eliminate the fat accumulated in your belly. Consult a nutritionist to find out how much protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats should be present in your daily diet.

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