3 Great Foods to Boost your Metabolism

Discover three delicious foods that will speed up your metabolism. If you want to lose weight and boost your metabolism, this is the article for you.
3 Great Foods to Boost your Metabolism

Last update: 06 July, 2019

If you want to lose weight, you should boost your metabolism as quickly as possible. This can be achieved by including a series of foods in your diet, that we’ll explain below. It’s an easy, healthy and totally natural way to reach your ideal weight.

In the following article, we’ll talk about the importance of accelerating metabolism and how this change can affect your body weight. But don’t worry; you don’t have to sacrifice anything to boost your metabolism. The only thing you have to do is eat these very appetizing foods to help you achieve your goal.

As we’ve said before on a number of occasions, exercise, and a balanced diet are the main pillars of weight loss. However, there are foods that will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Why’s it preferable to boost your metabolism?

On many occasions, we hear about the importance of the rhythm of metabolism. Explained in a very simple way, we can say that metabolism is the speed in which the body processes and burns the food we eat.

If the metabolism is slow, it’ll take more time to digest and process the food. As a consequence, there will be a greater tendency to accumulate fat and, therefore, to gain weight. In contrast, those who have faster metabolisms burn nutrients more efficiently. This means their bodies avoid the accumulation of fat.

But metabolism can speed up or slow down if you follow certain routines or keep bad habits. One way to boost your metabolism is through the consumption of certain foods. Thanks to their properties, they have the ability to make the body work more efficiently and burn food in less time.

Anyway, we must bear in mind that metabolism depends in part on the genetics of each person. That’s why, naturally, there are people whose metabolisms are faster and others who are slower.

It’s also important to note that the metabolism slows down over time. After 40 years of age, this process begins to become noticeably slower.

Three foods to boost your metabolism

As we said, whatever our metabolism is, it can always speed up. Here, we’ll show you some foods that will help you achieve your goal.

1. Coffee

One cannot talk about foods that accelerate metabolism without mentioning coffee. This drink, which is a core part of breakfast for millions of people around the world, is one of the products that most affect the acceleration of metabolism.

We’ve all noticed the effect of coffee on the body. This drink creates a feeling of nervousness due to the effect of caffeine. When ingested, the body releases adrenaline and the heart rate accelerates. As a result of all of this, the body accelerates the basal energy expenditure by up to 15 percent.

All you have to keep in mind is that, often, coffee drinkers add a lot of sugar to their drinks. In this case, it’s useless to drink coffee to boost your metabolism if, at the same time, you’re taking exorbitant amounts of sugar.

2. Fruit

Almost any fruit is your ally to boost your metabolism. Thanks to high water content, fruits have a diuretic effect in the body that contributes to the expulsion of toxins. In addition, they contain vitamins that are very effective antioxidants.

eat to boost your metabolism

If we seek to lose weight, it’s most appropriate that we opt for fruits that contain less sugar. Still, even though the intrinsic sugar in fruit will never be as harmful as the added sugar, you shouldn’t overdo it. Choose to eat those that have more water, because this way they’ll fulfill the diuretic functions.

3. Spicy foods to boost the metabolism

Spicy foods are perhaps the most unknown of all those that accelerate the metabolism. Chilli peppers help the body process food more quickly and efficiently. We’ve all noticed how hot they are and how we begin to sweat just after eating them.

eat to boost your metabolism

It’s precisely this reason why this food is so effective. Spicy foods cause an increase in sweating and heat, which makes the metabolism work up to 20 percent faster during the hours after ingestion.

In short, these are three very easy options to add to the diet and boost your metabolism in no time. If you want to know more about this process and how your metabolism is doing, don’t hesitate to consult an expert. Make an appointment with your trusted nutritionist to draw up a plan of objectives according to your needs.

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