Surfing in Summer: One of the Best Sports Alternatives

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports available. Those who try it usually become addicted! Maintain your fitness during your vacation and try summer surfing.
Surfing in Summer: One of the Best Sports Alternatives

Last update: 26 November, 2018

When the summer vacations arrive, fitness lovers ask themselves how they will train when they are away from home. There are so many different options available and surfing is just one of these. A fun alternative that also strengthens muscles, burns fat and improves balance and coordination. Just what you’re looking for to avoid being bored on the beach!

Why surfing in summer?

If lying in the sun all day on the beach isn’t your thing and you don’t want to stop training for a couple of weeks while you are on vacation. Here’s the solution: surfing in summer!

There are many advantages to choosing this sport during this season. If this is the first time you will be on a board, the good news is that the waves are not as big as during other times of the year. Also, the water temperature won’t be cold, so you won’t need expensive neoprene suits.

Man surfing.

And as if this weren’t enough, all the surf schools around the coast are open and offer classes for beginners of any age. You have no excuses!

Of course, we can’t ignore the physical and emotional benefits offered by this sport that consists of sliding on a board over the waves. Because it’s a discipline that is carried out in full contact with nature, it’s perfect to release the stress that you accumulate throughout the year.

If you surf in summer you’ll enjoy a perfect exercise. In addition, you’ll tone the muscle groups that you’ll be working the most: arms (for paddling) and legs (for standing). You also reinforce the back, the abdomen, the knees, and you’ll have a rock hard butt! It’s also an aerobic discipline that allows you to burn calories.

Of course, there are many more benefits of this fun sport. You’ll improve coordination, endurance, and balance at the same time. In addition, your immune system will be strengthened, so you can say goodbye to autumn colds.

And finally, you’ll enjoy a more than fun activity that will improve your mood instantly. You’ll have a wonderful time on your next beach vacation!

Brief guide to surfing in summer

Now that you know what the benefits are (or at least some of them), it’s time to take action. Basically, this sport is based on lying on a board, entering the sea and standing up when a wave appears.

You don’t have to be a kid to learn to surf, nor do you need to become a professional. Surfing is a sport suitable for everyone, even if you have never used a board in your life.

There are different types of surfing depending on the board you use (short or long), the waves (small or large) and depending on other variables, such as additional elements. For example, with kitesurfing, you are towed by a kite, with paddle surf you use paddles to paddle and with jet skiing you drive a jet ski.

The essential equipment needed to surf in summer is the board. However, that doesn’t mean you should buy one! Many of the schools that teach classes on the beach rent them.

To begin with, you won’t need to have a wetsuit, since during summer the water temperatures are quite pleasant. But, remember, this clothing is not only used for climatic reasons, but also for safety. Wetsuits help you avoid scratches and they protect you from blows. In case you decide to continue practicing surfing during the winter, a long and thick wetsuit is essential.

Ask about the surf classes this summer at your beach vacation and enjoy some unforgettable days, full of energy. You’ll love it!

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