3 Exercises with Elastic Bands for Beginner Runners

Elastic bands may be used in many ways, depending on which muscle group you need to exercise and every athlete's objective. In this case, we'll review a few exercises designed for runners.
3 Exercises with Elastic Bands for Beginner Runners

Last update: 20 April, 2019

Elastic bands for runners are a great exercise for anyone who wants to start running. These accessories are ideal for working out a large part of the muscles that runners use when training.

Advantages of exercises with elastic bands

Exercises with elastic bands offer many benefits for runners. Among the most important, is preparing your body for running. This is why they’re highly recommended for those who are training to become runners.

With the proper exercises, it’s possible to work all the muscle groups in your body. This way you’re able to increase muscle resistance through the stretching of each of your muscles. In fact, this stretching is easier to achieve with exercises using elastic bands for runners than by using weights.

On the other hand, elastic band exercises for runners are a great way to tone your body. Besides, in the case of running, it allows you to execute different movements that are similar to those done during training.

One more advantage of using elastic bands for runners is that they significantly reduce the odds of suffering some type of injury. Besides, it’s a very practical and affordable tool. It doesn’t require much space or other additional equipment to perform some of the most effective exercises to make your muscles stronger.

The best exercises with elastic bands

Many exercises may be performed with elastic bands. However, if you’re seeking to improve your performance or prepare your body for running, it’s necessary to do some exercises designed for that purpose. Ideally, we should seek expert guidance and create a circuit with repetitions and breaks.

Strengthening and side step with elastic bands for runners

One of the most effective exercises is the side step with an elastic band. To perform it, the person needs to stand with their feet shoulder length apart.

side step exercise with elastic band

Then, place the elastic band around your ankles and move the right leg to the same side, stretching the band. Meanwhile, the left leg must remain still. This movement must be done 10 times. The same should be done using the other leg.

Another option for this exercise is to lay on your side on a bench or mat. Place the elastic band on your thighs while stretching one of your legs. Your other leg must remain resting on the bench. This exercise may be done in sets of 15 repetitions each.


Squats are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen a large area of your leg muscles. If done using an elastic band the results are even better.

In order to do squats, place the elastic band above your knees. Afterwards, you should place yourself in a vertical position, with your legs slightly spread and bend your knees until the exercise has been completed. For the squats to be effective you must do between 15 and 20 repetitions.

woman doing squats with elastic bands

Hip strengthening and leg elevations

This exercise is highly recommended for strengthening your hips. In order to execute this exercise you require, besides the elastic band, a small bench or chair approximately 40 to 50 centimeters high. This bench is for you to support your feet on.

Following on with this exercise, you must place one foot on the bench, while you bend the other leg, bringing it as close as possible to your chest.

young woman training

Another effective way of making your hips stronger is by performing leg elevations. For this, you must stand with the elastic band around both feet. Then, you must spread your legs until they are parallel to your hips.

Once in this position, the next step is to raise one foot until you form a straight angle at the hip. You should do 10 to 12 repetitions with each of your legs.

Exercises with elastic bands are an undoubted and valuable option that all kinds of athletes can resort to, especially runners. These types of workouts make the muscles in our bodies stronger, especially those essential for a runner’s good performance. 

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