The Benefits of Spinning

The Benefits of Spinning

Last update: 23 April, 2021

Spinning is a high intensity aerobic exercise that is carried out on static bicycles following the rhythm of music.

The Benefits of Spinning

Who did not have a bicycle as a child? We did not even see pedaling as a sport, but we certainly noticed how good we felt after doing it. Soon after, its benefits were known and it was introduced into the market as a good way to burn fat and shape the body. Over time, the evolution made the shape of this equipment change to achieve better objectives. We talk about the benefits of spinning .

What is spinning

Spinning bikes have nothing to do with the conventional ones, since they have included kilometers, an ergonomic saddle, low pedals, and high handlebars. The latter allows them to reach high speeds.

Jonathan Goldberg was the creator of this modality in 1992 and today it is also known as indoor cycle. One of the advantages for which many choose it is that, since it is a sport moved to the rhythm of music , the classes are very enjoyable and the time goes by very quickly.

3 Women in Spinning Class

What are the benefits of spinning

Ideal for stress

Any type of exercise is good for eradicating stress, but spinning in particular is even more so. The concentration required to support the rhythm of this exercise in addition to having to follow the monitor, will occupy our minds in such a way that we can not think of anything else.

It is one of the most intense aerobic sports that exist, so you will eliminate all nerves and stress through effort and sweat . After this, a hot shower will leave you as good as new.


It is an ideal sport to tone the legs in full, including the glutes. The thighs will take an athletic shape, which is an advantage to be highlighted since this is the part of the body that is more difficult to mold.

Women practicing spinning

It does not matter if you practice spinning sitting or standing as the benefits at this point will be the same. After a few weeks practicing this sport, you will notice amazing results in your lower half. Firmness, more muscle and slenderness.

Strengthens the back

One of the great benefits of exercising on a bike is that you work with lumbar, trapeze and dorsal. This causes the muscles that surround the area to grow and strengthen, making our backs stronger.

A strong back results in less injury, less pain and less bad posture. The latter we adopt unconsciously to protect ourselves from the pain that we may suffer from having our back in bad condition. A strong back will not need this additional ‘protection’.

Goodbye to cellulite

This enemy, so feared by women, can disappear only with the practice of this sport. The exercise causes circulation to be activated, which will allow the cellulite to decrease greatly, or even disappear.

If in addition, the exercise is intense as it often happens in the case of spinning , these results will be remarkable much sooner than you imagine.

Benefits for bones

Bones become stronger and more resistent practicing this sport. The bone tissue will be subjected to an extreme effort, which will be very beneficial in the long run. As the muscles also get stronger, the combination of both will prevent joint damage and other ailments in the future.

Works almost the entire body

Finding a sport that is complete, or almost, seems difficult, but spinning is one of them. You work not only legs and buttocks, but arms that have to use effort to pedal with strength, and also the abdominals.

If you create tension in these areas, it is possible that before you know it you have a ‘chocolate bar’ in the abdomen. A hard sport yes, we know it, but the benefits that contribute well are worth the effort, do you not think?

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