Do Push-Ups to Tone Your Body

Surely you've done push-ups at school or when participating in sports practice? They're also included in gym routines. Do you know all the variations that exist?
Do Push-Ups to Tone Your Body

Last update: 01 April, 2019

People usually think that in order to exercise, we have to go to the gym…nothing is further from the truth! In this article, we’ll tell you how to do push-ups to tone your body wherever you are.

What are push-ups to tone your body and how are they executed?

You’ve seen people doing push-ups on the floor in different places. This exercise consists of flexing the arms so that the body’s entire weight rests on the shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

Additionally, push-ups improve coordination and strengthen the elbows and wrists. Depending on their intensity, they can also be considered a cardio exercise.

There are different ways of doing push-ups. However, the basic technique is the same for everyone. As a first step, you should support yourself with your hands and the tips of your toes. Space your upper body by shoulder width and ensure your fingers are pointing forward.

It’s also essential that the trunk is well aligned with the legs and that the whole body is diagonal to the ground during the initial position; when the arms are stretched out. Then, as you flex, the trunk and legs become parallel to the floor.

There are many different ways to do push-ups.

Types of push-ups to tone your body

Undoubtedly, push-ups to tone your body is one of the most popular exercises in routines, both at the gym and at home. Although, in order for them to take effect and provide the results we expect, it’s crucial to perform them properly. If you want to tighten your body and tone your arms, we recommend the following types of push-ups:

1. Knee push-ups to tone your body

These are the first ones taught in the gym because they require less effort than the normal ones. Knee push-ups to tone your body are ideal for beginners who don’t have enough strength in their arms.

To execute them, support your weight with your knees, the tips of your toes, and your hands (shoulder width apart) on the floor. Then, flex the elbows and bring the torso forward. The idea is to bring your face as close as possible to the floor while keeping your elbows close to the torso.

Knee push-ups are ideal for beginners.

2. Traditional push-ups

These are the most common push-ups to tone your body; the only difference with the previous ones is that the knees are always in the air. The movement of the torso must be downward, maintaining balance at all times.

Keep your legs straight while doing traditional push-ups.

3. Diamond push-ups

This exercise complicates things a little more. Why? Because the hands meet under the chest. They’re called “diamond” push-ups since that’s the imaginary shape that the thumbs and index fingers make when they touch. The rest of the exercise is the same as the basic push-ups.

Diamond push-ups target the triceps as well.

4. Push-ups with arm raise

Firstly, these push-ups to tone your body begin as the basic ones do. However, once the first repetition is complete and the arms are stretched, a little more complexity is added.

The goal is to raise the right hand off of the floor and touch the left shoulder with it. Then, lower it to complete another repetition, but this time, after lifting your body, touch your right shoulder with your left hand.

5. Clap push-ups

Every subsequent exercise that appears on this list is more complex than the previous one. In this case, clap push-ups are similar to the traditional push-ups to tone your body, except when the arms are straight, push both hands off the ground and clap hands at chest level. You must do this as quickly as possible so as not to fall.

Clap you hands as fast as possible when doing clap push-ups.

6. One-armed push-ups

As the name implies, this version eliminates one of the four conventional support points. Start by placing your right hand on the floor. Then, flex the left elbow and place the hand on your back. Do one set of repetitions before switching to the other side; meaning that the left hand will be on the ground while the right hand is on your back.

One-armed push-ups are very hard to do.

There are different ways of doing push-ups to tone your body. Once you train and master one technique, it’s just a matter of making it more difficult.

There’s always the option of adding weight to the exercise too, such as a waist-high disc or wrist bands. Thus, your biceps and triceps will be more ripped!

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