Four Exercises for a Total Bodybuilding Session

Today we focus on some exercises we can add to a typical bodybuilding session; an intense style of training that demands great amounts of effort. 
Four Exercises for a Total Bodybuilding Session

Last update: 06 February, 2019

Just as there are specific exercises to train a particular set of muscles, there are workouts that focus on total bodybuilding as well. Keep reading to find out more about them and add them to your routine.

Total bodybuilding isn’t a synonym of spending hours at the gym

One of the mistakes people make when going to the gym is focusing only on a group of muscles or in one area of their body in particular. For example, men usually dedicate more time to training the arms and women focus more on legs and glutes.

However, if you want your body to stay healthy, it’s important that you do exercises to make all areas work. And, for that you don’t have to “live” at the gym. Instead, y ou can choose to do total bodybuilding sessions that include more complete and functional exercises. 

Bodybuilding while on vacation.

It seems too good to be true and if most athletes don’t seize it, it’s probably because they believe in common myths or preconceptions. On the one hand, they may believe that focusing on a group of muscles helps tone them faster. On the other, they may consider that aerobic sports, which train the whole body, are more tiring than lifting weights. Nothing could be further from the truth!

What does a total bodybuilding session look like?

With only half an hour of exercise a day, your body can work all the key muscles. Yes, it’s that simple! You don’t have to spend all morning or all afternoon at the gym. Thanks to the following total bodybuilding exercises, you’ll get in shape and you’ll appear more muscular in no time:

1. Jump burpees

These exercises are very intense, but the best part is that they work your entire body. Burpees are complete movements that develop cardiovascular fitness and strengthen the muscles at the same time, especially arms and abs.

Benefits of doing burpees every day.

In order to do one burpee, stand with your legs slightly apart. Flex your knees and lower down your torso. Place your hands on the ground and stretch your legs to the back. Do one push-up, bring your legs to the front with your knees bent, and stand up with a jump. Bring your hands together above your head and then repeat.

2. Push-ups

With this exercise, you’ll strengthen your whole body and that’s the reason it should be a part of your training.

So which muscles are you working with this exercise? Take note: biceps, triceps, chest, abs, and shoulders. It’s incredibly complete!

You already know how to do push-ups, since they’re part of the most common and basic routines. If you’ve never done them, we suggest that you place your knees on the ground and perform the movement with your shoulders. Slowly aim to lift your entire body, with only your feet and the palms of your hands supporting your whole weight.

3. Dumbbell lunges

If you’re doing this total bodybuilding exercise at home, you can replace the dumbbells with bottles filled with sand or even with a rice or sugar package. These lunges are more complete than the regular ones and will train your whole body. 

Start by standing up with your legs slightly apart. Take the dumbbell with your right hand. Take one step ahead with your left leg and flex your knees to lower down your body. At the same time flex your elbow and lift the dumbbell at the level of your ear (or above your shoulder).

To keep your balance, stretch your right arm parallel to the ground. Count to three and stand up, stretching your right arm upward. Then, switch legs and repeat.

4. Plank

This is without a doubt one of the most complete exercises that will help you tone your whole body without worrying about repetitions, as with the regular crunches.

Abs work while on plank.

Lay on your belly on a mat and put your forearms and toes on the floor. Lift up the rest of your body and hold the position in which your legs and torso are parallel to the floor. You’ll work your glutes, abs, shoulders, triceps, chest, obliques and your quads. It’s definitely worth it!

With just half an hour of total bodybuilding, you’ll be able to get the most out of your body, since the results are visible in no time. Design your own routine with these exercises and avoid spending hours in the gym!


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