3 Beneficial Triceps Exercises with the Power Ball

Have you heard of the Power ball? In this article you'll find out how to strengthen your triceps with simple and effective exercises using the Power Ball.
3 Beneficial Triceps Exercises with the Power Ball

Last update: 29 April, 2019

The triceps are one of the most important muscles in many sports, and they also give your arms its shape, strength, and functionality. Therefore, here we bring these convenient triceps exercises with the Power Ball. They’re easy and take up very little time!

The triceps are the superior back part of the arm. They get their name from the three areas: long head, lateral head, and medial head. These extend from the shoulder to the elbow.

This part of the body is quite important for certain sports disciplines. Many athletes go to the gym to train this muscle for their respective sports. They also resort to functional exercises to strengthen and increase resistance in this muscle group.

Recently, the Power Ball has become increasingly more popular among fit people to train different parts of the body. Therefore, in this article, we’ll give you a few tricep exercises with the Power Ball that you can do any time throughout your day.

The benefits of triceps exercises with the Power Ball

So, what is this “Power Ball” and why should we work out with it? The Power Ball is a polycarbonate sphere with a gyroscope inside. Consequently, this device creates a gradually increasing resistance with the speed of the spinning gyroscope. It manages this by rotating on its axis in the opposite direction the user spins it.

The most important benefits:

  • Improves muscular strength
  • Generates greater resistance and stability in muscle groups.
  • Develops brain connections needed to respond to the increasing demand of the gyroscope.
  • Efficient in time and quick body changes.

The different models of these devices are regularly used for rehabilitating injured muscles. Additionally, they don’t generate any vibration and it allows the users to adjust the intensity themselves.

How to perform tricep exercises with the Power Ball

Three triceps exercises with the Power Ball

Exercise # 1

Triceps exercises with the Power Ball consist of spinning the sphere as normal, but behind your torso line. In other words, you must extend your arm with the palm of your hand facing back. Then, hold the Power Ball with your thumb and use the three main fingers, while the little finger is just there for support.

This exercise is peculiar because the arm cannot pass the line of the torso. Therefore, the hand is aligned with the glutes.

You can perform clockwise or counterclockwise rotations. But the real important part of the movement is maintaining the correct arm posture. The arm shouldn’t be completely flexed, just enough flexion to allow for the movement.

Exercise # 2

Another alternative for triceps exercises with the Power Ball is as follows. Grab the ball with your hand, straighten the arm with the palm of your hand facing down. However, this time place the arm 45 degrees from the body.

Then, spin the Power Ball one way before switching the rotation. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t flex your arm, or over rotate the wrist. After that, repeat the motions with the other arm.

Triceps exercises with the Power Ball

Exercise # 3

This variation is the most demanding of these triceps exercises with the Power Ball. And so, you must start out by positioning your arm behind the head. Flex your arm in a way that you create a 90-degree angle between your forearm and biceps.

Once you’ve managed to achieve this position, start spinning the ball similarly to the previous exercises. Likewise, try to not overextend your wrists because this would be counterproductive.

For all of these exercises, we recommend working on both arms and spinning the ball in both directions. This will make the exercises more efficient and will represent more advantages for the muscle group.

Finally, we also suggest that you gradually increase the difficulty of each exercise. Additionally, you should work them daily to achieve the desired results, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.