At-Home Bicep Exercises

If you want to tone your arms in the comfort of your own home, check out our exercises. You'll only need a few basic things to tone your upper body!
At-Home Bicep Exercises

Last update: 07 November, 2019

Anyone who doesn’t have the time to sign up at a gym should know that at-home workouts are always an option. Among other muscles, you can train your biceps right at home. In today’s post, learn some great bicep exercises.

People love focusing on their biceps. If you want stronger, more toned arms, you need to have space and the know-how to start at home. Depending on the materials you have, you’ll be able to try some of these exercises.

If you want to work on your biceps at home, it’s important to have some equipment, such as a bar or band. While they’re not always necessary, you’ll need them to increase the intensity of your sessions.

The best at-home bicep exercises

Let’s take a look at the best bicep exercises to do at home. Check them out and try your favorites!

1. Pull-up bar

You’ll need a pull-up bar for our first exercise on the list. Just face the bar and grab it with your hands, palms facing you. Set your hands to the same width apart as your shoulders. Now, extend your arms and hang from the bar.

Next, tense your arm and shoulder muscles to pull your body up until your chin passes the bar. Now, lower yourself slowly until you’re back into the starting position; and that’s a rep! As you get stronger, you’ll be able to tackle more and more reps!

at home biceps pull up

2. Modified push-up

You can work out your biceps without any equipment thanks to this simple exercise. Modified push-ups really help you feel the burn in your arms.

To get started, get down to do a push-up and support yourself on your knees and hands. Cross your legs behind you.  Your hands should be shoulder-width apart.

Now, bend your arms to do a push-up and bring your chin close to the floor. Next, push yourself back up into the starting position. Try doing 3 sets of 10 reps.

at home biceps push up

3. Water bottle bicep curls

Our next exercise mainly focuses on your bicep muscles, but it also works out your shoulders and abdomen muscles. Start by standing up with your feet apart and back straight. Hold a water bottle with your palm facing forward and arm down by your side.

Keep your elbow close to your body as you lift the bottle and lift it slowly until it reaches the height of your shoulder. As you lift it higher, twist your hand so that your palm faces the ceiling.

Now, slowly lower the bottle until your hand reaches the starting position. Do 8 reps on each arm and switch.

at home bicep curl

4. Elastic band bicep curl

The last exercise on our list requires an elastic band. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, resistance bands are great tools to include in your home workout routines.

To do this simple yet effective exercise, start by squatting. Now, keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed. The resistance band should be under your right knee. Hold it with your right hand.

Then, pull the band towards your shoulder without moving your upper body. Make sure you keep your elbow below your shoulder and close to your body, as seen in the featured image of this post. Follow through the reps and switch to your other arm.

Before you leave, remember that anyone of any physical level can do these exercises. While some of them do include equipment, we recommend starting off with the body-weight exercises and slowly build-up to the others.

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