Essential Exercises to Sculpt and Strengthen your Thighs

Heavy weights and machines are the best option to strengthen your thighs with a good exercise routine. Working this area of your body clearly impacts on the general well-being of your muscles.
Essential Exercises to Sculpt and Strengthen your Thighs

Last update: 15 May, 2020

Your legs, especially the quadriceps, are the largest and longest muscle group in your body. Working on this area is essential to promote a good physical condition in general. Fortunately, there are multiple routines to strengthen your thighs.

It’s best to do this type of work with weights and machines. However, you can do some of the exercises even when you’re at home. Since your legs support your torso, there will always be some kind of weight to work with. In the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you which exercises can’t be missing from your routine to achieve this goal.

Ideal exercises to strengthen your thighs

Squats: the thigh exercise par excellence

If there’s an exercise that impacts directly on the quadriceps, it’s undoubtedly the squat. The efficiency of squats comes from the fact that they also target the glutes and hamstrings.

There are many different variations of this movement. The best way to do them is by using heavy weights, using a long barbell. You can use a front or back grip. Of course, if you don’t have access to a gym, you can do squats anywhere you want and you’ll still see results.

Two wome doing squats to strenghten their thighs

There’s a squat variation that’s been gaining popularity, known as the sumo squat. The image at the beginning of this article illustrates the correct position to perform a sumo squat. The main idea is to open up your legs a little bit wider and point your knees outwards. In this case, maintaining good posture and balance are the two priorities. This position allows your glutes to participate more in the movement.

Lunges are also important to strengthen your thighs

Lunges are a variation of the squat, but you have to take steps forward to perform them. One foot is always placed behind you, helping you with the balance and allowing your weight to fall on your front leg.

If you take several steps forward, you’ll have more fluidity to work both legs. However, you can also do lunges without moving from your place.

To add weight, you can hold a pair of dumbbells with your arms pointing down. Another option is to do lunges holding a barbell on the back of your neck. If you try this variation, we recommend having another person there to supervise you. You can also increase the difficulty of the movement by using a kettlebell.

A group of people doing lunges at the gym

Leg extensions are the ABC to strengthen your thighs

You can do leg extensions with a gym machine. It’s very easy because you can find them in any training center, no matter how modest it is. It’s the easiest and most direct way to isolate both quadriceps.

The machine consists of a chair, a roller, and the weights. The idea is to sit on the chair and lift the roller up with the front of your legs, lifting the weights as you go.

These machines are designed to be used with both legs. However, you can also use lighter weights to work one leg at a time.

Man using a leg extension machine at the gym to strengthen his thighs

This machine is an excellent way to start working on your quadriceps. Although it’s a very basic routine, you can’t forget to include it in your strength training program. It’s also a good starting point to train your lower body.

Leg press: increasing the weight with ease

The best way to incorporate weights in your lower body routine is by putting the loads on top of your legs. Doing this will ensure you’re pushing the weights directly with your quadriceps and glutes. To do this in a controlled way, you can use a leg press machine.

This machine has a backrest that’s close to the floor. In front of us, there’s the base that we have to push up with our feet. On the back, there’s some space to store the weights. With this exercise, you can take your legs to their limit and maybe even lift more than your own body weight.

Man using a leg press machine at the gym

You can also play around with the angle of your knees. Without a doubt, this machine allows you to increase the size of your lower extremities.

The idea is to increase the difficulty gradually with heavier weights. With safety in mind, most leg press machines have a lever to block and hold the weights in case you can’t lift them up at some point.

There are other effective routines to strengthen your thighs, such as doing deadlifts for example. We can mention a lot of other exercises, but these are undoubtedly the most important ones when you want to strengthen your thighs. All other exercises are just variations that increase the difficulty of the movements and they have no other additional benefits.

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