Incline Leg Press for Fit Thighs

An incline leg press machine is a great machine to develop your thigh muscles. Strengthen your quadriceps and work your way towards strong, powerful legs.
Incline Leg Press for Fit Thighs

Last update: 25 July, 2019

The incline leg press is one of the best machines for developing your thighsIt provides an isolated workout that focuses on your thigh muscles.

Your quadriceps will work the hardest and get the most out of this machine. But the other muscles in the back part of your leg will also benefit. If you want strong, solid and fit legs, you’ll find plenty of satisfaction in the results that the incline leg press offers.

Incline leg press machines can have several variations but regardless of the model, the objective remains the same. Some models have an adjustable platform or seat feature to better suit the user.

As for the weights, they can come in either discs or slabs. Both are great alternatives for those who have trouble squatting or suffer from back pain.

You can use the incline leg press with one or both legs according to your workout plan or needs. For those in physical therapy, one-leg workouts might be more appropriate. But if you just want to strengthen and define your legs, using both legs will be the best method.

How do you use an incline leg press correctly?

When it comes to the incline leg press, the technique is keyUsing the machine incorrectly can lead to serious injuries. Be especially careful to protect your lower back and knees from injuries.

To get started, adjust the weight to suit your workout. Sit in the seat using the backrest, creating a 45-degree angle with your body. Set your feet out in front of you on to the platform, which rests at the same level as your shoulders.

incline leg press instructions

To do a repetition, step your feet on the platform in front of you. Inhale and extend. Your thighs should come close to your rib cage but your legs shouldn’t exceed a 90-degree angle. Now, return to the starting position as you exhale.

Ways to place your feet

Depending on how you position your feet, you can specify which muscles work harder:

  • The lower end of the platform: harder quad workout.
  • Top-end of the platform: demands more from the glutes and hamstrings.
  • Spreading your feet out to the opposite ends of the platform: better workout for adductor muscles.

The appropriate number of repetitions, sets, and weight will depend on the physical health of the user. As you keep up with your workouts, you’ll likely become stronger and able to work with heavier weights and harder workouts.

Incline leg press advice

Our tips will help you get a more efficient workout:

  • Straight back: never hunch your back or lift it from the backrest. Keeping your back straight and well-rested is the best way to prevent injuries. In addition, it also ensures proper execution of the exercise.
  • Glutes and hips stay in the seat: the same goes for your bottom. When you’re bending your knees, make sure everything is in place.
  • Controlled movements: you should be able to handle the weight with your muscles throughout the entire workout. Bring the press slowly up towards your torso and push it back into the starting position. Try keeping a constant rhythm throughout the entire set.
  • Never fully extend your legs: when you’re stretching out your legs, never extend them fully. Don’t lock your knees and instead, always keep them slightly bent. Doing so will prevent joint injuries.
incline leg press tips
  • Set the machine to suit you: make sure the leg press machine is set up for you. Before getting started, check the machine to make sure you can start your workout. For example, adjust the seat to the platform as you need. If the seat is too far away from the platform for you, you’ll end up adopting the incorrect position.

Injuries that result from incorrectly doing a workout

As we mentioned above, the consequences of incorrectly following through a workout could mean serious injuries or contusions. Knees are especially vulnerable as they work the most with your leg muscles. Avoid putting pressure on your knees and locking them when you’re using the machine.

Lastly, choosing a weight that’s appropriate for you and always controlling your movements to prevent impact is crucial. Choosing a weight that’s too heavy could lead you to drop the weight. Remember to stay in control of your pace and weights.

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