Lizard Exercises to Strengthen Your Arms and Chest

Lizard exercises are a great way to get in shape. In this article we'll share some variants to strengthen both your chest and arms. Take notes!
Lizard Exercises to Strengthen Your Arms and Chest

Last update: 24 May, 2019

Lizard exercises are one of the most beneficial and effective training exercises for the body. That’s why we decided to share information on the main variants which you can use to strengthen your chest and arms. The chest and arms are two of the muscle groups that most athletes are interested in working out.

Lizard exercises are very simple and they have infinite variations. This type of exercise brings along many benefits including strengthening and toning muscles.

Lizard exercises can be incorporated into any gym routine; it’s also possible to perform them at home. All you need is a mat to place on the floor, motivation and the desire to work and improve yourself.

Exercises with your own body weight will make it easier to improve your physical condition. Progression may be slow at first and that’s why it’s important to stay motivated and maintain a positive attitude.

When performing lizard exercises your weight will influence the difficulty you experience when getting up. Obviously, the less you weigh, the easier it’ll be to lift your body up over and over again.

Lizard exercises: variants for chest and arms

The following workout is ideal when it comes to strengthening and toning the chest and arm regions. Choose your favorite lizard exercise and include it in your routine!

Lizard with open hands

In order to perform this exercise, support your weight with your open hands and the tips of your toes. Just as with push-ups, this exercise consists of supporting your weight and lifting yourself up while keeping your body as straight as possible.

Your arms should be placed at the width of your shoulders and you should focus your energy on your arms and chest. Once you improve your physical condition, you’ll see that you’ll be able to perform more repetitions.

Woman performing pushups

Goalkeeper lizards

The following exercise will allow you to work out your chest, triceps, abs, and shoulders. In order to carry it out, start the exercise in flex position with your left hand directly below your left shoulder.

Next, fully extend your right arm and place your hand on a medicine ball or on a low step.

Then, bend your left elbow to slowly lower your chest towards the floor. Make sure you keep most of your weight on your left hand. Once your abdomen is about to touch the ground, get up. Complete repetitions on one side before switching to the other.

Goalkeeper lizard exercise
Goalkeep lizard

Diamond lizards

The third lizard exercise is directed at the triceps and chest. Start the exercises by laying on the floor with your hands placed at the width of your shoulders. Next, move your hands closer together so they’re between the width of your shoulders.

In this position, bring your hands to make the form of a diamond using your index fingers and thumbs. Finally, perform the exercise in the same way as the traditional lizard exercise.

Diamond push up

Superman lizards

The last lizard exercise is the most fun and also the hardest to perform. In order to carry it out, get into the tradition lizard starting position. Next, push yourself off the floor energetically and spread out your arms forward.

After the extension, quickly return your hands to the floor in order to prevent yourself from hitting the floor and suffering an injury. This exercise is undoubtedly the most demanding. As you can see, the exercise works out the chest, arms and all the other muscles of the body.

Superman lizard exercise

Before concluding, we would like to remind you that your training session should not be too monotonous. It’s important to practice different exercise variations. As you can see, they’re infinite lizard exercises that you can perform in order to strengthen your chest, arms and the rest of your body.

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