Burn Calories by Jumping Rope 100 Times per Minute

It may seem childish or silly, but the benefits of jumping rope are well proven. Do you dare to try the one hundred jumps per minute challenge? You'll discover that nothing is as simple as it sounds.
Burn Calories by Jumping Rope 100 Times per Minute

Last update: 07 February, 2019

Have you considered taking up the challenge of performing one hundred jumps per minute every day for one month? It’s said that jumping rope, which seems simple but really isn’t, allows us to burn many calories. Maybe it’s time to take the challenge!

One hundred jumps per minute to burn fat

It’s estimated that doing one hundred jumps per minute is equivalent to burning around 15 calories. It may seem like very little, but it can be up to 30 percent more than we expend if we jog or walk fast.

In addition, if we can jump rope for more than one minute, even for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, by multiplying the number of calories burned, we would have burned 75, 150 or 225 respectively.

Woman jumping rope at home.

On the other hand, if we add other exercises to jumping rope, we can create a routine, which will have the possibility of burning more than 300 calories in just 20 minutes! At the same time, we can also tone and strengthen our muscles.

But, don’t get ahead of yourself! First try one hundred jumps per minute, a task that may seem simple, but you may realize that it’s easier said than done. At first, you may do 40 or 50 jumps in one minute, but with motivation and practice, you can quickly reach 100.

To jump rope you need to have coordination, balance, and cardiovascular and respiratory resistance.

We recommend carrying the rope in your bag and practicing wherever you can or whenever you have some free time. In fact, you don’t even need to have the rope with you, since you can always simulate the movements of short jumps, lifting your feet off the ground, using fast and constant movements.

The key is to maintain the continuity of the jumps for a complete minute. Then, you can add more time or more jumps.

Jump rope and have fun

It may be that jumping rope is an activity that you abandoned when you entered adulthood, but this exercise is present in many professional training routines, including boxing.

Lady jumping rope in the living room.

Jumping rope is more than complete training, which allows us to burn fat and stay in shape. With just a few minutes (especially if you manage to meet the challenge of one hundred jumps per minute) it will be worth it.

Although it’s a fun activity that can even be performed while watching a movie, if we combine it with other exercises we can accelerate our metabolic functions. This means that we can enjoy the results in less time.

Some jumping rope exercise options are:

1. Jump Rope Tabata

Start with four minutes of jumping rope. When you finish, rest for one minute and continue with 20 crunches and 30 seconds of plank. Repeat these last two exercises, two times.

2. Jumping rope with burpees

Do one hundred jumps per minute for three minutes. Then rest for 30 seconds and do four sets of eight burpees each.

3. Jumping rope in different styles

In this case, you’ll jump rope, but change the speed and styles. To start, complete two minutes alternating legs, then two minutes with one leg (30 seconds per leg) and finally two minutes with both legs. Rest for one minute and start again. Complete 3 sets.

4. Jump rope with calisthenics

Start with one hundred jumps per minute (or whatever it takes to complete 100), do 10 push-ups, then another minute of rope, 20 scissor leg lifts, another minute of jumping rope and 10 side-leg lifts. Rest for one minute and start again. Repeat until you complete 20 minutes of training.

5. Advanced jump rope

Those who have experience, in addition to doing a hundred jumps per minute, can continue with one minute of push-ups, one minute of weights and one minute of knees to chest. Repeat the four exercises five times.

Girl jumping rope and doing plank.

Jumping rope is a complete and very energetic cardiovascular exercise. It isn’t even necessary to have a jump rope to work out with and you can train anywhere. There are lots of benefits!

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