Intense Cardio to Burn Fat Fast

Intense cardio exercises can help us burn fat, but don't forget that physical activity must be combined with an adequate diet.
Intense Cardio to Burn Fat Fast

Last update: 19 January, 2019

Among the most cited objectives for those who decide to sign up for the gym or start fitness regimens, losing weight is the most common. Intense cardio exercises represent the best option to burn fat.

However, before starting to train and burn fat, we can’t ignore that fats and calories are the main energy sources for our bodies.

On the other side, are those who want to reduce their waist measurements in a miraculous way. Without considering that this process requires daily physical exercise.

What is an intense cardio exercise?

Intense cardio includes all physical activities designed to raise the number of heart beats per minute, for a certain time. They are routines that must go hand in hand with muscle strengthening exercises. This is done with the purpose of avoiding the flaccidity that is generated by weight loss.

In a gym, the best ways to perform intense cardio is with machines. Although between these types of machines there are two that stand out: the elliptical and the stationary bicycle.

Girl doing cardio in elliptical machine.

Time to pedal

The exercise bike brings with it a series of common benefits for our bodies. In one hour of work it can burn between 450 and 830 calories; which is up to four times higher than what we can burn while walking.

Similar results are obtained on a conventional bicycle. In addition, the range of movements, both on an elliptical and a static bike, are quite similar to that of many exercises with weights. This allows us to maintain and even increase the strength of the muscles while burning fat.

Exercises for everyone

The most common exercise is walking. In order to exercise, we can start without any previous workout. It’s also an excellent warm-up for other activities, especially if the person doing it, has no physical preparation.

Woman doing cardio by walking.

Running or jogging are also very healthy exercises, although their level of demand requires certain acquired skills. Jumping rope is the ideal option when the dynamics of life or inclement weather do not allow for outdoor activities.

There are also other sports such as football or basketball since they demand a constant movement, such as martial arts or boxing. Although more than the competitions themselves, their benefits come from their hard workout sessions.

HIIT workout: high intensity, maximum results

These routines take the concept of intense cardio to a higher level. While taking the results of ‘traditional’ practices as positive, interval training has proven to be even more efficient in burning fat.

The HIIT routine is the combination of highly controlled periods with high-intensity movements and spaces for rest and recovery. What results is a remarkable improvement in the body’s ability to oxidize fats.

Due to its high level of demand, it’s not advisable to go from sedentary to performing these routines drastically. Adapt progressively and always under the supervision of a medical professional.

Benefits of intense cardio

It’s not easy to eliminate surplus fats that end up lodged between muscle tissues. In practice, intense cardio exercises achieve much more than reducing the numbers on the scale: they optimize the functioning of the heart and lungs and are efficient to reduce stress levels and improve the quality of sleep and rest hours.

Additionally, they prevent conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, while helping to keep bad cholesterol at bay.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.