4 Tips for Preparing Breakfast like a Health Expert

Want to know which ingredients make a healthy breakfast? Don't miss out on our tips!
4 Tips for Preparing Breakfast like a Health Expert

Last update: 26 July, 2019

If you’re trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, you’ve landed on the right post. Today, we want to fill you in on which foods you need to prepare breakfast. Start your day recharged and ready to face whatever comes your way. Read our post and prepare your breakfasts like a health expert.

You won’t believe how many breakfasts you can prepare with just a handful of ingredients. In addition to the ingredients, remember that foods can come in different varieties that vary in healthiness.

Tips to prepare breakfast like a health expert

1. Fruit, a basic that can’t be missing

If there’s a food group that absolutely can’t be missing from a fit breakfast, it’s fruit. In fact, experts recommend eating two servings at breakfast. Try eating the entire fruit, including the skin if possible. Eating the entire fruit will ensure you benefit from all of its nutrients.

On a similar note, it’s exactly why eating whole fruits are better than drinking them as juice. Juices imply lost nutrients and as a result, fewer health benefits.

breakfast healthy fruit

Even worse are commercial juices. Commercial fruit juices are nothing like a real serving of fruit. These juices contain only a small percentage of fruit along with huge amounts of sugar.

Fruits are the best way to start the day with a burst of vitamins and the energy to face all of your pending tasks and workouts.

2. Nuts: prepare breakfast with this star ingredient

Nuts should also make a presence in the first meal of your day. But take them in small quantities as they have a high-fat content. With moderation, you can really bank on their health benefits without suffering the consequences of excess.

There are a lot of ways to include nuts in your breakfast. If you don’t want to eat them as they are, try mixing them with yogurt or baking a deliciously healthy cake. Don’t forget that nuts are a great source of carbohydrates and healthy fats. Besides, you’ll never get tired of them thanks to the wide variety.

breakfast healthy nuts

Just remember to buy them in their healthiest form, natural or roasted without salt. Other versions, such as salted preparations, might be tastier but aren’t as healthy.

3. Oats, equal parts delicious and versatile

Oats make up most healthy breakfast recipes and for a good reason. This grain is easy to prepare in a variety of ways while boasting plenty of health benefits.

Oats are rich in fiber, protein, and minerals, which make it a perfect option for people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle. The best part about them is that they’ll never become boring. You can try oat pancakes, cookies, energy bars or mix them into yogurt.

breakfast healthy oats

4. Healthy pan-fried egg, perfect to top toast

Eggs are superfoods. They boast healthy fats, proteins, and A, B, and D group vitamins.

Try cooking them in a fry-pan with minimal oil or boiling them. Frying them traditionally, on the other hand, will fill them with oil, which will sabotage your workout and health goals.

If you usually don’t have the time to prepare a healthy breakfast in the morning, eggs are a perfect option for you. Boil them the night before and save them in the fridge. Keeping them prepared means all you have to do the next morning is peel and slice.

breakfast healthy egg

Toast a slice of whole-wheat bread and top it with avocado and eggs. Or, mix the eggs together with tomato slices and a dash of olive oil.

As you’ve read with us today, healthy breakfasts don’t have to be boring. You can prepare different breakfasts to start your day off right and full of energy with these five foods. Thanks to the options, you can prepare variations that’ll all offer great health benefits.

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