Advantages of Steaming: less nutrient losses

Learn all the benefits that can contribute to your health and your dishes by steaming. This cooking technique preserves flavors, textures and, of course, the nutrients in your meals.
Advantages of Steaming: less nutrient losses

Last update: 25 December, 2018

Steaming food isn’t a culinary novelty. This technique was discovered centuries ago and today is still very popular around the world. It’s no coincidence that it’s a very advantageous cooking method. From a nutritional point of view, it’s worth mentioning the reduction in the loss of nutrients. However, there are also many other advantages that we’ll explain below.

Advantages of steam cooking

If you still don’t use steam for cooking your food, we’re sure that after reading all the advantages of this method you’ll be encouraged to do so. Keep reading and discover all the benefits of steaming!

1. All nutrients are conserved

Steaming is considered one of the healthiest ways to cook since the food retains all of its properties. Also, by not being in contact with other foods such as fats, oils or sauces, it’s much healthier.

Steaming fish and serve it with salad.

2. Quick and easy cooking

Another advantage of steaming is that the recipes are ready in a few minutes and it saves cleaning containers. In addition, several foods can be cooked at the same time without mixing the flavors.

Undoubtedly steamers are a tool that we recommend for any home. Thanks to the different levels in steam machines, you can cook several foods at the same time, such as meat or fish and a garnish of vegetables.

In just a few minutes you’ll have an entire meal or a healthy dinner that the whole family will love.

3. Reduces cholesterol levels and fat intake

As the name suggests, this cooking technique only uses steam. In this way, it’s not necessary to use oil, butter or unhealthy ingredients used in other cooking methods.

If you have high cholesterol levels or just want to lose weight this cooking technique will be of interest to you because you can achieve your goals and reach your target weight.

Woman losing weight for steaming food.

There are many people who (after eating) often feel bloated. If this happens frequently, you should know that steaming your food can be a solution.

These types of recipes don’t contain fat (other than those contained within the food itself), so the end result is lighter.

Recipe example for steaming

To show you that steaming is healthy, easy and fast, we have suggested a recipe that you will love!

Take a look at the ingredients and the cooking process.

Ingredients for two people:

  • Half a rabbit
  • 10 ounces of potatoes
  • 5 ounces of mushrooms
  • 3 carrots
  • Oregano to taste
  • Half a glass of white wine
  • A pinch of salt
Example of steaming: Rabbit with vegetables.


  1. Firstly, start by cooking the rabbit, since the meat takes longer to cook than the vegetables. In this case, we have chosen rabbit but the recipe can be made using any type of meat. Rabbit is a meat low in fat and compatible with any type of weight loss diet. Place the half rabbit, with a pinch of salt and the oregano, in the steamer.
  2. Alternatively, you can place it in a pan with half a glass of white wine so that the result is juicier.
  3. Steam for 15 minutes.
  4. Once that time has passed, place the potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms, chopped with a little salt, on another level of the steamer and steam for 5 minutes.
  5. Remove the food from the steamer and enjoy.

Steaming is one of the healthiest techniques for preparing food. In addition, as you have seen, these recipes are easily prepared and the results are spectacular. So you know, if you still don’t have one in your house, don’t wait any longer to enjoy delicious and healthy recipes.

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