Does Protein Make Us Gain Weight?

You may have wondered at some point if protein contributes to weight gain? This is one more factor we have to manage within a sports diet.
Does Protein Make Us Gain Weight?

Last update: 07 February, 2019

If there’s a nutrient that’s especially important for athletes, it’s protein. It’s fundamental for muscle development, but at the same time, many doubts have arisen. The main one is about protein’s possible contribution to weight gain. Moreover, many athletes are unaware of the changes that occur by taking protein before or after physical activity. In this post, we’ll clear your doubts about whether or not protein makes us gain weight.

Does protein make us gain weight?

People who play sports at high intensities increase their dose of protein with food supplements. We tend to think that this increase in protein can contribute to weight gain, but this isn’t really the case. P rotein doesn’t make us gain weight.

Proteins don't make us gain weight.

Proteins are the energy that the body uses to make physical exertion. Therefore, they don’t become fat, instead, the body burns them as it needs energy. Yes, it’s true that an excess of protein could turn into fat, but for that, you would have to eat an exorbitant amount.

You just have to think about bodybuilders and how they ingest huge amounts of protein. Undoubtedly, you have seen that they don’t accumulate fat in their body and rarely suffer from being overweight. So in response to the question that we asked in this post, the answer would be a resounding no.

Hence, if you gain weight, you should know that proteins aren’t the culprits. Analyze your diet and assess what nutrients you are taking and in what quantities. You’ll probably realize that you may be ingesting more fats or carbohydrates than your body needs.

Another factor to take into account in case you are gaining weight is the physical activity you do. Maybe your fat intake isn’t very high, but compared to your physical activity, it’s is. Remember that it’s advisable to do one hour of exercise per day and to eat food in the same proportion as you burn it.

Why do people think that protein makes us gain weight?

If the statement that protein makes us gain weight is false, why have we all heard this phrase at one point? The answer to this question is very complex because it doesn’t have clear logic or a scientific basis.

You could say that this belief is yet another myth surrounding the world of food. We often hear that a lie repeated one thousand times becomes the truth. On account of listening to it many times, people may think that it could be true.

Our body needs proteins to make physical exertion.

Always seek the opinion of a professional and inform yourself so as not to fall into this trap. There are many myths that surround the world of food and sports, so it’s important to stay well informed. Otherwise, you won’t achieve successful results.

Don’t focus your diet on proteins

Although protein is very beneficial for everybody and especially for athletes, it would be wrong to base your diet on this nutrient. Many popular miracle diets followed by thousands of people place protein as the main nutrient and restrict consumption of the rest of them. Some of these diets even go as far as completely eliminating fats, sugars, or carbohydrates.

We must consider that all nutrients are necessary for our body’s correct function and if we lack any of them, it will be impossible for it to function properly. Remember to eat all kinds of nutrients in their right amounts. It’s the only way to achieve the desired results and enjoy a healthy life.

Banish the myth that claims that protein makes us gain weight, because it’s totally false. At no time does protein accumulate as fat deposits. Just take into account the right moments to consume it to ensure a beneficial effect for your body.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.