Drinking a Beet Drink Before Exercising is Great for the Brain

Beet is a versatile vegetable that can be used in all kinds of foods. However, did you know about its benefits for mental health?
Drinking a Beet Drink Before Exercising is Great for the Brain

Last update: 27 February, 2019

Beets are delicious vegetables. Due to their somewhat sweet flavor, beets are also used to make desserts and smoothies. Best of all, beets contain various important properties. In this article, we’ll share all you need to know about beets and how they have the ability to positively impact your brain.

Benefits of beets before exercise

If you are one of those people who enjoy drinking a delicious fruit juice before training, make sure you add beets to your diet. Beets provide too many important benefits to be left aside. 

Among the many benefits that beets provide include the fact that they help to control blood pressure. This is extremely important when it comes to doing exercise, regardless if it is cardio or weight training.

In addition, beets provide numerous benefits for the brain. Beets have been shown to increase the connectivity between areas of the brain that are related to motor functions.

If you drink beet juice or a beet smoothie before exercising, it will help you to train your muscles and your brain.

So, what gives beets this superpower? The answer is in the concentration of nitrates that beets contain. Nitrates are converted into nitric oxide, a molecule that is responsible for providing oxygen to the areas of the body that need it. When exercising, several areas of the body need to be oxygenated including the brain!

Properties that beets contain

As we previously mentioned, this vegetable is very nutritious and it contains several properties. Both the root and the beet leaves provide the following benefits:

  • They detoxify the body.
  • They reinforce the immune system.
  • Beets strengthen the cardiac system.
  • They relieve heartburn and gastritis.
  • They reduce menstrual pains and headaches.
  • Beets provide magnesium, sodium and vitamin C.
  • They favor blood circulation and prevent the thickening of arteries.
  • They play a role in detoxifying the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.

How to eat more beets?

Beets have been well known for their colors since ancient Rome. The somewhat sweet taste that beets provide can be enjoyed in many different  preparations. Beets can be eaten, for example in salads, (raw and grated or cooked and cut into cubes), in desserts (next to carrots) or in smoothies and natural juices at any time of the day.

Here are a few beet recipes that you can try:

Beet, apple and carrot smoothie

Enjoy this delicious smoothie before going to the gym or after waking up. It will provide you with lots of energy to face the day.

The ingredients are: one beet, one apple, two carrots, a stick of celery, fresh ginger, and water.

The preparation is quite simple, all you need to do is wash and peel the vegetables, cut them into cubes or slices and place them in the blender with water. You can also add some ice cubes if you would prefer a cooler drink. After blending, the drink is ready to serve.

Beet juice and strawberries

If you feel more tired than usual, try this shake to combat fatigue. You will need one beet, two oranges, four strawberries and a spoonful of honey. In order to prepare the smoothie, squeeze the oranges, peel the beets and cut them into cubes.

Once the ingredients are prepared, cut the strawberries into halves. Finally, put everything into the blender, add honey and blend. The honey is completely optional, the strawberries and oranges may contain all of the sweetness that you need.


Beet, carrot and cucumber shake

This shake is perfect for summer mornings and for when you want to eat something quick before leaving the house. In addition, this shake helps to reduce constipation by balancing the intestinal flora. The ingredients are: one beet, three carrots, two cucumbers and a handful of spinach leaves. You will also need some water.

In order to prepare this, peel the beets, carrots, and cucumbers. Afterward, cut all of the peeled ingredients into slices and wash the spinach leaves. Finally, place all of the ingredients into the blender and add water. This smoothie can also be prepared for breakfast.

Beets are versatile vegetables that can be used in all kinds of foods. If you would like to take advantage of the multiple benefits that this vegetable has to offer, make sure you always have beets in your kitchen and on your plate. Whether you practice sports or you don’t, you will have positive results if you add this vegetable to your diet.

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