Fruits and Vegetables to Include In Your Christmas Dishes

During the Christmas festivities, we don't have to consume excess. We can also use healthy ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables to create original and fun recipes. We can even decorate them with Christmas motifs!
Fruits and Vegetables to Include In Your Christmas Dishes

Last update: 16 February, 2019

When we plan our menus for Christmas, the protagonists are always meat, fish and seafood. As a result, a few extra pounds are usually gained. In this post, we’re going to show you that fruits and vegetables can also play an important role on the table during the festivities.

In this article, we’ll suggest some fruits and vegetables that are typical of the season and how to take advantage of them on the Christmas table. Read on to discover the tasty dishes that you can make with these foods while reducing your caloric intake.

Fun Christmas figures for children

We all know that children love Christmas sweets. The holidays begin and before we realize it, our children have already been eating nougat, jelly beans, chocolate and many other sweets for several days.

Christmas figures

In order to break this routine and without breaking Christmas traditions, we recommend making fun Christmas figures. You will see that there are many fun and imaginative ways to use fruits, vegetables.

Stuffed roasted apple

Roasted apples are the perfect dessert for those cold Christmas days. In order to give this recipe a Christmas touch, you will have to remove the apple’s core and part of its interior.

Stuffed apple

Fill the gap with a mixture of the apple you removed, raisins and nuts. Put the apples in the oven and when they are golden you can take them out. Let the apples cool and finally, as a finishing touch sprinkle a little sugar or cinnamon on top.

This is a simple and colorful dessert that is suitable for any family meal. Since it’s so healthy, it’s the perfect dessert after a heavy meal.

Sweet potato soup

This sweet potato soup recipe is perfect as a starter. If there is a heavy dish on your menu such as stuffed or roasted meats, it’s best to start with a light starter.

Sweet potato

We chose this sweet potato soup recipe due to its flavor and lovely presentation, perfectly compatible with the Christmas theme. To prepare this recipe, begin by sauteing the sweet potato with leeks. Keep in mind that sweet potatoes have a very intense flavor and it combines well with other, milder flavors.

Once sauteed, add a little meat or vegetable broth and boil. After 30 minutes, remove the pot from the heat and crush the potatoes with an electric mixer. To present the dish, place a sprig of parsley on top and sprinkle croutons, caramelized onions or chopped nuts.

Endives with sauteed quinoa and vegetables

This last recipe is perfect for a picnic lunch or dinner. You can also add it to your Christmas menu for the whole table to share as a starter.

seasonal fruits and vegetables

To prepare this recipe, firstly prepare the quinoa. Remember, always wash quinoa in advance to remove some of the bitterness. While the quinoa cooks, start sauteing vegetables.

Mix the quinoa with the vegetables and then fill endives with the mixture. This is a simple recipe to make an original, tasty and colorful starter.

After learning about all of these recipes, it’s clear that fruits and vegetables can play an important role on the table during the Christmas season. We also recommended eating healthy fruit and salad recipes during this period too, since they help to compensate for the number of animal fats that we consume.

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