Green Coffee and its Slimming Properties

Caffeine is effective to stimulate weight loss. It also has satiating properties that help us to reduce the habit of snacking between meals.
Green Coffee and its Slimming Properties

Last update: 07 August, 2020

When it comes to planning a weight loss process, we need two main elements: a varied diet and regular exercise. However, there are some substances that we can include in our diets to achieve better results. Green coffee is one of them. It contains caffeine along with a phytochemical of high nutritional interest: chlorogenic acid.

Caffeine for weight loss

Caffeine is one of the few supplements that are actually useful to stimulate weight loss. We can find this information in a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Consuming four cups of coffee on a daily basis can stimulate the loss of fatty tissue and improve body composition in overweight individuals, regardless of their diets.

Thus, regular caffeine intake is beneficial when considering a diet that aims to destroy body fat. However, the study showed a limitation. Even though caffeine affected body mass values, researchers weren’t able to observe any impact on insulin resistance or blood glucose levels.

Green coffee enhances the effects

Traditional coffee fails to improve the parameters related to metabolic health. However, this is different in the case of green coffee.

Researchers studied the effects of this drink on the reduction of appetite, weight loss, and insulin sensitivity. They reached satisfactory results, as published in The British Journal of Nutrition.

This means that thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid in its composition, green coffee can have an effect on metabolic health. In other words, it has a greater power of stimulating weight loss than traditional coffee, since it combines the effects of both caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

Green cofee beans before being harvested

However, we must emphasize that this drink should be part of a healthy diet if we truly want to reap the benefits of its properties.

Green coffee and intermittent fasting

An effective way to take advantage of all the benefits of green coffee is to drink it during a period of intermittent fasting. With this method, we stimulate lipolysis while reducing insulin resistance. And since coffee has anorectic properties, it’s also useful to decrease our appetite.

The contribution of coffee antioxidants stimulates the autophagy processes and the reduction of cellular damage that typically comes with fasting. For this reason, it’s effective to consume one or two cups of this drink (unsweetened) first thing in the morning, while avoiding high-calorie foods until noon.

If we follow that method closely, along with practicing aerobic exercise, we’ll get even better results on our body composition. However, it’s important to mention that we shouldn’t exceed 60 percent of our maximum physical capacity while fasting.

A nutritionist is the expert who should establish any intermittent fasting strategy. This professional will not only guide us to achieve better results in the process, but also to avoid risks leading to serious health problems.

A woman drinking her first daily cup of green coffee

Diet, exercise and green coffee to lose weight

Consuming green coffee, along with eating spicy foods, is one of the best strategies when trying to lose weight. This drink helps to stimulate lipolysis and improve the biological parameters associated with metabolic health. It’s also able to create a feeling of satiety that reduces the risk of snacking processed and sugary foods.

As if this wasn’t enough, green coffee is also a product rich in antioxidants. These compounds can help to fight aging and cell damage. As a consequence, the risk of suffering from various illnesses will decrease in the medium and long term.

In summary, remember that it could be a good idea to consume green coffee during an intermittent fasting period in order to further improve your weight loss process and lower your body fat percentage. Green coffee can make this easier because of its anorectic properties. Consult with a nutritionist to plan your diet properly.

However, if your goal is to lose weight, the best thing you can do is combine a varied diet with regular exercise. Complement both habits by drinking two cups of green coffee every day and include spicy foods regularly. Also, try to practice strength sports frequently. This way, you’ll achieve noticeably better results.

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