Shave Off the Holiday Weight

After vacations, it's time to get back to work and lose those extra pounds. If you're someone who already exercises regularly, our post will guide the way.
Shave Off the Holiday Weight

Last update: 15 May, 2019

Vacation time means family reunions, meals, holiday desserts, and the inevitable holiday weight gain! But, if you’re an athlete or someone who regularly exercises, you know that getting back in shape can be difficult. In our post today, we have some tips to guide you.

Many of us loosen up our diets and put on weight during the holidays. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it.

Consequently, we need to return from a vacation and begin a new diet and exercise regimen. That’s precisely the best way to get back in shape after the festivities.

Whatever happens, don’t ever punish yourself or wish you acted differently during your celebrations. Don’t feel bad either for indulging on vacations either.

Instead, roll up your sleeves and start working to get your body back in shape. Set new healthy habits, stay on track and you’ll meet your goals!

Shave off the holiday weight

If you want to get back in shape after the holidays, follow these simple tips:

1. Start exercising to lose holiday weight

First and foremost, start exercising if you want to get your body back. But, take things slowly. Physical activity will help you rebound from the excess, bringing balance and energy back into your day.

If you don’t have a set workout routine, now is a great time to start one. The perfect workout for you will depend on your current ability, age, diet, schedule, objectives, and many other variables.

holiday weight exercise 1

2. Start managing your diet to lose holiday weight

Minding what you eat is our next recommendation, especially after merry gatherings. Opt for light vegetable-based dishes and avoid fried foods, sauces, and desserts.

It’s time that you say “no” to desserts and high-calorie dishes. Return to a lighter diet with smaller portions until you meet your weight goals.

To maintain your diet with success, try this easy trick: use smaller plates and only fill them up three-quarters full.

We’re going to go into more details on this later, but drinking plenty of water will help you get back in shape because it’ll detox your body from holiday excess.

It goes without saying that alcohol and sugary beverages are off-limits; at least for the time being. Re-hydrate yourself and help your body get back into the swing!

holiday weight water

3. Keep up with your strength-building routine

You should always follow through with your strength-building routine to maintain the muscle mass that you’ve worked so hard to build. Some days you might want to take it easy by using light weights and doing cardio, but you need to lift weights to burn all those calories; you can gain muscle in the process.

holiday weight muscles

4. Drink plenty of water

Lastly, drink plenty of water to recuperate your figure. Consuming large quantities of alcohol isn’t just harmful because of the high-calorie content; it can also cause dehydration.

A great way to bounce back into health is by drinking water. Your skin, kidneys and other body parts will benefit from good hydration. Besides, water will help keep you feeling full. You’ll eat less!

holiday weight full

To wrap up, remember that it’s normal to gain a little weight during the holidays. You don’t have to start strict diets or perform brutal workouts to see immediate results. Instead, get results by following a balanced diet and enjoying regular physical exercise!

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