The Top 5: Gym Equipment for a Trim Waist

2nd January 2020
As the weather improves, people rush to the gym to tone their bodies. Read about the best pieces of gym equipment for a slimmer waist.

With summer on the horizon, people are trying to get their bodies toned as fast as they can. But getting in shape implies some sacrifices and serious efforts; a wimpy last-minute workout just won’t cut it. For those of you who’re willing to work hard for the results, here are the five best pieces of gym equipment for trimming down.

Rather than waiting until a few months before summer starts, you need to dedicate time to work out all year round. With the exercises that we’ll suggest and a healthy lifestyle, you can face summer with a great body.

Stubborn areas

The abdominal area is one of the hardest areas to work out and often leaves people scratching their heads. And, hand in hand with the abdominal area is the waist.

Trimming down the waist requires countless workouts and sacrifices that not everyone is ready to make. To lose fat around the waist area, cardio workouts are essential, along with a set of other workouts using different equipment.

Lastly, you shouldn’t simply aim to burn off the accumulated fat in your abdominal region. Instead, strengthening the muscles in that area is also critical. Strong muscles will allow you to enjoy strong abs.

Getting started: gym equipment

Before you start any kind of workout, make sure you consult a personal trainer. After a series of tests, he or she can create a suitable workout plan to help you reach your goal. Once you have your plan, you’re ready to hop on the machines.

Five pieces of gym equipment for a trim waist

Just as we explained above, burning off abdominal fat isn’t only about getting that impressive six-pack. Knowing your gym equipment will help you trim down your waist and lose abdominal fat at the same time.

1. Rowing machine

Many professional athletes choose to work out on a hydraulic rowing machine to lose weight. This machine forces you to use 80 percent of your muscle mass and it works out your entire body.

You can work out both your arms and legs on a rowing machine. One hour can even burn up to 1,000 calories. But if you’re starting out, keep your minutes to 10 minutes max to make sure you maintain proper posture.

gym equipment rowing

2. Treadmill

The treadmill works out the entire body and burns up a lot of energy. It’s simple to use and helps you burn heaps of calories in just a question of minutes.

If you walk on a treadmill, you can burn around 300-400 calories in one hour. On the other hand, if you push yourself to run, you can burn 600-1,000 calories during the same time period.

If you decide to use a treadmill, be attentive to any negative impact on your knees during your workout. Should you notice any sign of discomfort, take precautions in case.

gym equipment treadmill

3. Elliptical: one of the most effective machines for slimming the waist

The elliptical is fun and helps you maintain your rhythm throughout your workout. It also helps burn off stubborn waist fat without subjecting your joints to constant impact.

We recommend setting a resistance that permits you to maintain your rhythm and finish a 30-minute workout. Elliptical machines will help you burn off fat very efficiently. They work out your core muscles and can burn around 800 calories in an hour.

gym equipment elliptical

4. Step machine

Step machines are great for burning fat and toning legs. Burning off the fat around the waist is one of the best ways to sculpt it, which you can do through cardio workouts.

Step machines simulate infinite stairs. They burn fat and work out abdominal and gluteal muscles. When you use a step machine, make sure to keep your back straight in order to prevent back problems. The step machine can burn around 500 calories in an hour.

gym equipment step

5. Cable row machine: gym equipment for a slimmer waist

You’ll almost always find a cable row machine in the body-building areas of a gym. They’re great for toning muscles, but be careful not to go overboard with the weights.

Avoid heavy loads and don’t exercise with hypertrophy in mind as neither will help you to slim down your waist. This machine burns fewer calories than the others, burning about 200 calories an hour.

gym equipment cable row

Now you know the top five pieces of gym equipment for a trimmer waist! Pair your workouts with a good diet. Make sure you eat healthily, especially after your session. Rest sufficiently, make the necessary sacrifices and enjoy that trim waist you always wanted. What are you waiting for? Time to start!

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