3 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

You can avoid gaining weight on vacation by following a series of simple tips that offer healthy lifestyle habits. In this article, we’ll share three of them.
3 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

Last update: 07 April, 2021

Because people relax and take advantage of their free time to get together with friends and family, it’s relatively common to gain weight on vacation. However, by following our recommendations, it’s easy to avoid gaining weight.

In this regard, you must remember that increased fat mass is associated with an increased risk of suffering from complex conditions in the medium and long term. This situation is detrimental to our health.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to maintain your weight during your vacation. This way, you’ll have no regrets!

Tips to avoid gaining weight on vacation

With the following tips, you’ll be able to watch your figure, while enjoying food and your free time on vacation.

1. Protein over carbohydrates

Eating big meals sometimes isn’t bad for you. However, if you indulge frequently, you may gain weight. To avoid this situation, you should always prioritize protein consumption over carbohydrate consumption. As a study published in the Journal of Dairy Science states, eating protein is a way to produce a greater sensation of satiety.

A few healthy foods.

At the same time, these nutrients will be able to ensure the preservation of lean mass and will prevent muscle catabolism that conditions metabolism. In addition, if there’s a stimulus through physical activity, it could even generate slight hypertrophy, with the consequent body composition and health benefits.

2. Exercise after eating

Playing sports or doing a physical activity can help you maintain optimal weight. In fact, it’s also been shown that simply going for a walk after a big meal reduces the negative impact that it can have on metabolism.

This way, you improve your health in the medium term and reduce the risk of experiencing body composition and insulin resistance-related alterations.

Some experts recommend that people perform a physical activity after a big meal. You can wait an hour for your digestion to be lighter and then take a walk. This will positively influence your body’s ability to use nutrients.

In addition, experts also advise doing high-intensity exercises at least three times a week. Strengthening exercises are best.

3. Reduce your alcohol intake

The worst thing you can do while on vacation is drink excessively. Alcohol is toxic and harmful in any amount. But its chronic intake has a significant negative impact on body composition and the functioning of many vital organs.

It’s worth mentioning that alcoholic beverages are very rich in calories and don’t provide any nutrients. This creates imbalances between energy intake and expenditure, leading to weight gain. And that increases the risk of other diseases.

A few friends drinking wine.
Limiting your alcohol consumption is one of the keys that’ll help you avoid gaining weight on vacation.

For this reason, experts highly recommend avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages while on vacation. This way, you’ll be able to avoid unwanted weight gain.

Moreover, we should note that alcohol can also induce protein catabolism, which could reduce muscle mass. It can cause hormonal imbalances as well.

You can avoid gaining weight on vacation

It’s easy and affordable to avoid gaining weight on vacation. Simply put the tips we explained here into practice to achieve the goal. It’s a great way to feel good about yourself after your vacation ends. In addition, you’ll avoid having to follow a restrictive diet or make habit changes that can affect your mood.

You must remember that food is closely related to habits. If you follow a healthy diet throughout the year, it shouldn’t be hard for you to continue doing so on vacation.

It doesn’t matter if you overdo it a few times, as this won’t affect your state of health. But indulging during your entire vacation could trigger a series of negative health consequences in the medium term. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s a good idea to consult a specialist so they can make a suitable menu plan for your vacation.


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