Substitute Soda for Water or Low-Calorie Drinks

Here you'll discover some of the best drinks to substitute soda, which usually contains unhealthy amounts of sugar.
Substitute Soda for Water or Low-Calorie Drinks

Last update: 27 September, 2019

Soda has become a classic drink in many people’s lifestyles around the world. They drink them during meals, as a snack and while they’re working. But do you know the harmful effects of soda? Here we’ll explain what they are and the benefits of completely removing these drinks from your daily life. We’ll also cover how to substitute them for low-calorie drinks.

Keep reading and learn to lead a healthier lifestyle by simply changing what you drink. You’ll see the benefits right away and you’ll feel more energetic and confident.

Low-calorie drinks: the effects of soda in the body

As you’ll eventually notice, excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can lead to severe health problems. After you learn about the effects of these sugary drinks, you’ll want to switch to low-calorie beverages.


Obesity is one of the main problems that come from regularly drinking soda. These beverages are high in sugar, which also makes them highly caloric, especially for drinks that won’t contribute anything to your diet.

Obesity: Pinching your belly.

Furthermore, you must know that obesity isn’t only weight gain and body changes; it actually goes way beyond that. People with obesity are at a higher risk of developing illnesses and their quality of life is generally inferior to those who are an adequate weight.


Due to their sugar content, soda can damage the enamel on your teeth. Also, regular consumption of soda causes cavities. These, if not treated quickly, will continue to damage the tooth until it reaches the tooth’s nerve. Depending on the severeness of the cavity, your dentist may be able to treat the tooth or eventually remove it. That’s why if you drink soda, you must brush your teeth right after consuming.

We recommend that you stop drinking these beverages, but if you must, then always choose the sugar-free option.

Low-calorie drinks: diabetes

Drinking soda puts you at risk for insulin resistance. In other words, people who drink soda are more likely to get diabetes.

Type of diabetes.

When you drink cola, your body receives a huge amount of simple sugars (simple carbs) in a short time, so it’s hard for it to process. These high sugar levels can be the cause of diabetes.

Healthy low-calorie drinks to help you substitute soda

If you think of calorie-free drinks, the first that comes to mind is water. Of course, this is just the most common of them, but there’s an infinity of drinks that have very few calories or none at all.

Take a look a the following list that we curated for you, and start taking note. Include these drinks in your day-to-day life and notice changes in your body right away. Also, keep in mind that the following beverages are not only low-calorie but are also healthy for you.

Mineral water

Water should be the most important drink you have during the day. It’s fundamental to stay hydrated. Take it with your main meals and aim to drink two liters a day.

Coconut water

This type of fluid is completely natural and contains many nutrients. In fact, you’ll notice that your hair looks brighter, stronger and healthier.

Coconut water.

Flavored water

You can get flavored water at any supermarket or make it yourself at home. All you have to do is add some blended fruit into your mineral water to give a spark of flavor. This drink is especially useful for those who have a hard time drinking enough fluids, and those who are used to drinking soda.


Tea is one of the low-calorie drinks par excellence. It’s an incredibly healthy option that can be taken year-round, iced or hot. It helps with digestion and promotes weight loss.

As you can see, there are many reasons to remove soda completely from your diet. The low-calorie options, apart from being many, have lots of benefits for your body that you’ll notice right away.

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