Matcha Green Tea: A Great Choice For The Body

Although it's of Chinese origin, it became popular during the Song Dynasty in the year 960. Most of us now know matcha green tea because of its close relationship with Japanese culture.
Matcha Green Tea: A Great Choice For The Body

Last update: 04 October, 2018

Considered ‘the infusion of celebrities’ matcha tea is fashionable. But, beyond thinking that it’s a marketing or social network trend, the truth is that this green tea is a good and healthy option. We will tell you more about matcha tea in the following article.

What is matcha green tea and how is it produced?

When a large number of Japanese migrated to China to learn about Chan or Zen Buddhism, which uses meditation as a religious practice, the popularity of this drink began to spread throughout Japan.

The monks drank matcha green tea to relax, before getting ready to meditate. Upon returning to their country, the Japanese adopted the custom of drinking this infusion, and added it to their well-known tea ceremony or chanoyu.

Elements for making green tea.

Nowadays, besides drinking it as a cold or hot infusion, it’s used in natural smoothies, cookies, ice creams, sponge cakes and all kinds of sweet recipes.

Unlike other teas, matcha green tea doesn’t come in strands or loose leaves, but in the form of a fine, ground powder. To make this variety, first of all, it’s essential to harvest the leaves when they are very green.

Afterwards, they are dried on a flat surface in the sun, the stem and veins are removed from the leaves and milled to a fine texture.

What are the benefits of matcha green tea?

One cup of this tea contains more antioxidants than any other variety. In addition, the final product is a powder, so we ingest all the benefits of the plant. It gives us a good amount of flavonoids and catechins. The latter neutralize the negative action of free radicals.

As if that weren’t enough, matcha green tea contains vitamin C and tannins. Thanks to all of these components, matcha green tea is considered a healthy drink. Some of its main benefits are:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps in the process of cleansing the body (eliminates toxins)
  • Prevents fluid retention
  • It’s a mild laxative and improves intestinal transit
  • Allows weight loss by accelerating the metabolism and burning calories
  • Reduces blood cholesterol levels, mainly triglycerides
  • Regulates blood sugar, which is recommended for diabetics
  • It provides vitality and energy to the body (an excellent replacement for coffee)
  • Controls blood pressure and keeps arteries healthy
  • Improves the appearance of skin, hair, and nails
  • Sates appetite and thirst
  • Reduces stress and induces meditation and relaxation
Green tea traditional pot and cups.

To enjoy this rich matcha tea at home, you should use the traditional ritual. First put a teaspoon of the green powder in a container (better if it’s porcelain) and gradually add hot water (not boiling) while you beat it with a bamboo beater, or a whisk, until it acquires a frothy consistency.

If you don’t have a ‘special’ matcha bamboo tea beater, don’t worry…you can use a blender or an electric mixer, (normally used to beat eggs).

Instead of water, you can make it with milk (cow or soya) and enjoy a rich ‘matcha latte’ just like the celebrities who appear on Instagram. Enjoy matcha tea wherever you go!



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