Tricks to Burn Calories Without Exercising

Ideally, we should lose weight by combining exercise with a balanced diet. However, we can also burn calories without physical activity. How is this possible?
Tricks to Burn Calories Without Exercising

Last update: 27 March, 2019

Indisputably, the best way to reduce body fat is with a complete body training program. However, even without this we can obtain certain results and improve our health. It’s certainly possible to burn calories without moving a single finger.

If we analyze a few fitness principles, it’s easy to understand. Let’s think about the rule that says “Our body is 70 percent what we eat and 30 percent the training we execute”. That’s a reality, and with it, we understand the high probability of losing weight without exerting physical strength.

Undoubtedly, it’s all about discipline, dedication, and quality nutrition. Up next, we’ll show you some secrets to burn calories without the need for physical exercise.

Firstly: keep consuming calories

Lots of people have the misconception that losing weight means not consuming calories. In actuality, hypocaloric diets are a big disappointment. We’re referring to those magical weight loss plans that promise us we can lose 20 pounds in a month by means of considerable food restrictions.

The only thing that happens when you stop consuming calories is that the body stops wasting energy. Thus, when these people return to a stable diet, they experience abrupt weight gains. It’s much better to moderate our caloric intake and ingest better quality foods.

Consuming well-administered calories will only require you to burn them through regular metabolic processes. Saturated fats should be avoided. Eliminating and replacing them with unsaturated ones will be enough to burn calories.

Eat foods that burn accumulated fat

Just as we have food products that encourage the accumulation of fats, the opposite also exists. In plain words, some foods will contribute to burning extra calories. Therefore, adding them to our daily menu is a smart move.

Some foods will contribute to burning extra calories.

Some of them are the following: green tea, olive oil, yogurt, chili, apples, nuts, lemon, and broccoli. The main idea isn’t only to consume them, but also to incorporate them as a replacement for unhealthy foods. Cinnamon, chia seeds, lettuce, and others are part of this healthy group as well.

For example, it’s better to use olive oil for cooking than oil or butter. Another similar replacement would be to drink tea and juice instead of soft drinks. Without a doubt, it’s also vital to set sugar and salt aside, as far away as possible.

Drink about two liters of water… a day!

This vital fluid can be the key to maintaining your ideal weight. Water is a natural cleanser due to its ability to eliminate toxins. However, in order for this effect to occur, we must drink between eight and ten glasses a day.

Additionally, water can be crucial in our struggle to satisfy our anxiety and hunger. In fact, if we drink a lot of water, we can fill our stomachs and avoid snacks.

Some people say that drinking two glasses of water a day increases our metabolism. It’s believed that this amount can improve the process by up to 30 percent. This means the body will burn fat much more effectively than usual.

Meals rich in vegetables help burn calories

Up to this point, we’ve reached the conclusion that we can – and should, in the pursuit of a healthy life – lose weight by eating. The perfect diet is balanced and consists of more proteins than carbohydrates. Moreover, the latter must be of good quality that comes from healthy and natural products.

Healthy carbohydrates have high fiber content.

Vegetables are surely the best carbohydrates. They’re fibrous, natural, and without additives or fat; we can eat as many as we want without any problems. Their low glycemic index is the key to their pertinence, especially if we refer to the green ones.

Most vegetables also contribute to our body’s cleansing. For that purpose, lettuce, broccoli, chard, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and zucchini are good options. Combining them with protein can even stimulate the growth of muscles.

In conclusion, nature and a good diet will allow us to lose weight and even burn accumulated fat. However, intense physical activity routines can certainly accelerate the process along with many other benefits they provide us.

People who don’t have the time or desire to move can still improve their health and aesthetics through food consumption. There are no excuses not to start!

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