What are the Effects of Allulose on Your Body?

Allulose is presented as a healthy sugar. It can sweeten all your food and doesn't loose its characteristics when exposed to high temperatures. Learn how the body uses it.
What are the Effects of Allulose on Your Body?

Last update: 30 May, 2019

Sugar is one of our main enemies when it comes to our health. We can find this component in many products on the market, thus making it difficult to avoid it. However, one way of doing so is by replacing it with healthier substitutes with a similar taste. In this article, we’ll learn about the effects of allulose on the body.

It’s quite possible that you haven’t heard of this sugar substitute because it’s a recent nutritional innovation. For now, we’re just going to say that it’s the top candidate to replace sugar. Learn more about it and the effect it can have on your body.

What is allulose?

Allulose is a sweetener that’s coming into the market as a healthy alternative to sugar. And so, it doesn’t contain any calories and you can sweeten things similarly to sugar. Therefore, people call it “healthy” sugar.

Allulose is a natural sweetener we can find in some foods such as figs. We find it in small quantities and it’s artificially made from corn syrup. This innovative sweetener might just be a definite sugar substitute. Additionally, it can help simplify food processing in the industry.

The big disadvantage of other sweeteners such as saccharin and Stevia is their behavior under high temperatures. When submitted to heat, these components turn less sweet and give a bitter aftertaste. Additionally, they don’t allow cookies and other baked goods to maintain their texture.

We can use allulose to sweeten our warm drinks.

On the other hand, allulose isn’t affected by high temperatures. Consequently, the effects of allulose on the food and the body are much better than the other sugar alternatives. This brings us to ask ourselves: is allulose as perfect as it seems?

And so, here we’ll analyze the different effects of allulose in the body to clear any doubts.

Positive effects of allulose on the body

It doesn’t raise insulin levels

The best characteristic that this product has is that the body absorbs it but doesn’t metabolize it. This is great news for those people who suffer from diabetes because they can now enjoy their sweets. Therefore, they will no longer have problems consuming sweets, and those dangerous glucose peaks.

And so, we could say that allulose is the best alternative to sugar today, especially for diabetics. This isn’t just because the body doesn’t metabolize it, but also because it tastes similar to sugar. Therefore, the pastries, sweets, and desserts that we make with it will taste and feel as they usually do.

Helps weight loss

High sugar consumption is directly related to obesity and being overweight. Therefore, the effects of allulose can be quite beneficial to people looking to lose weight. Additionally, just as we said before, it doesn’t have any calories, making it a perfect food for these cases.

Negative effects of allulose on the body

However, we shouldn’t abuse the consumption of allulose. Pastries and other products made with allulose contain large quantities of fats. Thus, it’s a good way to give in to our cravings, but with moderation.

Positive and negative effects of allulose in the body

Damage gut flora

Generally speaking, allulose doesn’t really pose a problem for the body. However, those people who have a weak gut flora or suffer from irritable bowel syndrome may have a bad reaction. Since the body doesn’t metabolize allulose, it stays in the body for some time before we expel it.

During this time in the body, it comes into contact with bacteria in the gut. Consequently, this interaction causes certain indigestion problems for some people.

However, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t ingest allulose, we suggest you do so in moderation. Additionally, everyone may react differently and the effects of allulose may be different for each person.

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