Yogurt: A Great Support for the Immune System

Throughout your life, it’s likely you've eaten an enormous amount of yogurt without being aware of all its benefits. Yogurt is an amazing source of vitamins, and it helps strengthen your immune system. Discover how eating yogurt might prevent you from becoming sick.
Yogurt: A Great Support for the Immune System

Last update: 28 June, 2019

Surely you’ve consumed hundreds of yogurts throughout your life without being aware of how they were taking care of and protecting your body? Discover how yogurt works as a great support for the immune system and prevents you from getting sick.

Few dairy foods are as traditional as yogurt. It’s accompanied generation after generation during their snacks or breakfasts.

Over the years, liquid versions appeared, low in fat or accompanied by fruit. Still, the essence of this healthy food remains constant.

Its consumption is highly recommended because of the numerous benefits it has for health. Of all of them, today we’ll focus on its protective aspect. Consuming this dairy product is a natural way to protect our immune systems and prevent us from being affected by a large number of diseases.

Yogurt: protector of the immune system

The immune system is the body’s natural defense against diseases. When it detects that viruses or harmful bacteria are entering the body, it acts quickly. Its function is to prevent these elements that can damage health from developing inside and, as a consequence, to get sick.

It’s essential to keep the immune system in the best possible condition . If we have a weak immune system, it’s like an open door that allows the passage of viruses and bacteria. That’s why it’s important to take care of it through food and healthy lifestyle habits.

One of the foods that helps protect the immune system is yogurt. The bacteria yogurt contains work to stimulate the immune system, which creates more bacteria. In this way, the body is more protected and ready to face possible health problems.

Countless benefits

This dairy not only has a positive effect on the immune system. Its benefits go much further, so it’s a food that should be taken on a regular basis. Here’s a brief explanation of some other benefits to yogurt:

  • Low in calories. It depends on the variety of yogurt, but usually, it doesn’t exceed 70 calories per cup. This makes it a healthy and light snack.
  • It contains quality proteins. That’s why its consumption is recommended to everyone, but especially to those people who practice sports on a regular basis.
  • It facilitates digestion. In the first place because, being light, the stomach doesn’t have to make much effort to digest it. Second, it’s great for digestion as it contains bacteria that protect the intestinal flora and favor its optimal state.

Make your own yogurt

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and you care about your diet, probably most of the time you’re in the supermarket you spend it reading labels. Most foods contain an excess of sugar, palm oil or huge amounts of salt. In fact, even many foods that may seem healthy, stop being so once you read their ingredients.

This also happens with dairy products, so we recommend that you choose your yogurt carefully. Also, we encourage you to make it yourself at home.

Making your own yogurt is the only way to know, with 100 percent accuracy, what the ingredients are. In addition, you can add those foods that you like to customize them to suit your family.

Making your own yogurt is so simple that you can even involve your children in the process. It will be a fun, family activity and, in addition, the result will be a totally healthy snack or dessert.

Homemade yogurt recipe

There are recipes where it’s not necessary to use a yogurt maker. Anyway, it’s recommended that you buy one because the result is much better. In addition, you can find models with capacity for six or eight units for around 20 dollars.

The recipe is very simple. You just have to use as much milk and yogurt as will fit in the containers of your maker. You can buy and add the healthy bacteria that are usually present in the yogurt. They can be found in any herbalist’s shop.

First, heat the milk so that it is warm. Then, add the yogurt and stir. Later, fill the yogurt containers and leave the yogurt maker on all night. The next day, they’ll be ready to enjoy. You can also add pieces of fruit or a spoonful of honey or jam to the mixture.

In short, there’s no doubt that it’s a dairy that’s extremely beneficial for the body, especially if you prepare it yourself. Take the test and experiment with your favorite flavors!

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