3-Day Exercise Routine for Beginners

If you're looking to start exercising, the best thing to do is to design a fun routine that works all the muscles in your body, while leaving them time to heal and rest. Do these suggested workouts three days a week at your gym to start your journey!
3-Day Exercise Routine for Beginners

Last update: 23 August, 2018

Those who are just starting out on their fitness journey should start easy, and then progressively increase the weights, the repetitions and the number of days a week that they workout. The following 3-day routine is ideal for beginners.

3-day routine for beginners: day 1

You’ll start your first day of the week with these sets. For example, if you go to the gym on a Wednesday or a Friday, start this routine on a Monday. Or if your training days are a Thursday and a Saturday, start the routine on a Tuesday. It’s fundamental to rest for 24 hours between routines, so that your muscles recover, even if the next day you are not focusing on the same muscles.

Also remember, that before you start lifting weights you should do 10 minutes of cardio, this could be on the stationary bike or on the treadmill, and at the end of the workout you must allow for five minutes to stretch all of the muscles involved.

1. Chest workout routine

exercise routine for the chest

The weight you put in the barbells or on the machines will depend upon your capabilities. Don’t forget to only start with a small amount of weight. Chest exercises for day one will be: bench press and incline bench press (four sets of twelve repetitions), incline dumbbell press and cable crossovers (four sets of fifteen repetitions each.)

2. Triceps workout routine

Here are just three exercises to get you started and they will specifically help you to tackle your triceps. In all three of these you’ll do three sets of eight to twelve repetitions for each. Don’t forget to rest for 30 to 60 seconds between sets.

These exercises are: cable rope triceps extension, french press exercises and triceps dips on bench.

3-day routine for beginners: day 2

On day two you will work two very important areas: your legs and shoulders. Have in mind that it may take you longer to complete this routine, which is why we suggest that you find the time for it on your schedule or calendar.

1. Leg workout routine

leg training cover

It’s not true that men should disregard leg workouts completely, and only focus on their abs and upper body. If you do a 3-day routine for beginners, don’t leave your lower body behind.

Exercises on this routine are: squats, quadriceps extension, deadlifts, lying leg curls (four sets of twelve repetitions), sitting calf raises and standing calf raises (five sets of twelve repetitions).

2. Shoulder workout routine

We’ve set shoulder exercises aside from back exercises, because the former requires very specific movements. This way, because you have already begun working on your legs, for the shoulders there are only three movements: behind the neck shoulder presses, military presses (four sets of twelve repetitions), and dumbbell flyes (four sets of fifteen repetitions).

3-day routine for beginners: day 3

Finally, on the last day you’ll be focusing on your back and biceps. The good thing about this routine is that you’ll still have some time to recover from the effort of the leg exercises.

1. Back workout routine

gym pull ups training

In this case all exercises are of four sets with twelve repetitions of each. When you’re done with the first one, wait at least two minutes before starting the second one. To work your back you must complete: pull-ups, wide-grip lat pulldown, wide-grip pulldown behind the neck, and rowing barbell exercises.

2. Bicep workout routine

With only three exercises here, you can work your biceps and tone them little-by-little. At the beginning try lifting a small weight; if you keep training, you’ll be able to increase this. Don’t try to lift too much weight straight off, or you may injure yourself.

To end your training week, complete these biceps  exercises , do four sets with twelve repetitions:  barbell  bicep curls and bicep incline curls with dumbbells and concentration curls. 

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