4 Back Exercises with the Swiss Ball

Read along to find out about all the different exercises you can perform to workout your back with the Swiss Ball. You'll be surprised by its versatility.
4 Back Exercises with the Swiss Ball

Last update: 20 November, 2019

Working out your back with the Swiss Ball is a great way to keep it toned, healthy, free from injuries and discomfort. There are various exercises that you can perform. This will prevent your routines from becoming monotonous.

Read along to find out more about the great exercises to workout your back. In addition, we’ll also explain the benefits of the Swiss Ball. You’ll be surprised by the huge impact of this simple accessory.

Benefits of working out your back with a Swiss Ball

The Swiss Ball has become a basic training tool for many people. This isn’t surprising since it’s a very cheap object that barely occupies any space. Anyone can have it at home and do exercises without going to the gym.

The cost is a great advantage when compared to other expensive gym equipment which may be impossible to have at home due to a lack of space.

The following are the main benefits of working out with the Swiss Ball. We could spend hours talking about this topic, but we decided to focus on two of the most important benefits.

Treat and prevent lower back pain with the Swiss Ball

A lot of back problems are caused by poor posture. In addition, the back is an area of the body that many people forget to workout. As a result, the area is weaker and more prone to injury.

You can use the Swiss Ball to work out your lower back. By strengthening the area, you’ll also help to prevent injuries.

Woman with back pain

Improving balance

Another great benefit of the Swiss ball is that it helps to improve balance. All of the exercises that involve the ball require balancing on an unstable surface and this helps to improve balance.

Exercises with the Swiss Ball

Now that you know the benefits of working out with the Swiss Ball, it’s time to specify how different exercises are performed. As we previously mentioned, the Swiss Ball is a very versatile tool that offers many different exercise variations.

We decided to focus on the exercises that concentrate on the back. Although they’re of medium difficulty, they’re very effective.

Stabilizer muscle exercise

The first exercise is really quite simple. All you need to do is sit on the ball and keep your balance. Despite being a static exercise, the body is constantly active.

Swiss ball workout office

In order for this exercise to be truly effective, it’s important to include it in your daily routine. By doing this, you’ll be able to strengthen your lower back area and avoid lumbar injuries. A good variant is to use the Swiss Ball as a chair while working on the computer or in front of the television. 

Lumbar extensions with the Swiss Ball

This is another exercise that helps to strengthen the back and improve balance. In order to perform it, place your abdomen on the ball allowing your limbs to hang over both sides.

Next, support your toes on the floor, keeping your legs slightly bent. Then, you’ll have to flex your trunk until your fingers touch the ground. Try to perform as many repetitions as you can.

Pay special attention to prevent your body from moving laterally. If this happens, you’ll end up working out with incorrect techniques and this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. 

Inverted extensions

This exercise is similar to the previous one. All that changes is the position of the arms and legs. In order to perform inverted extensions, your legs should be placed in the air while your arms are kept on the floor. 

In order to obtain complete results, it’s wise to combine the two extension exercises alternatively. In addition to strengthening your lower back, you’ll be able to prevent back injuries.

Spinal twist

The last exercise that we’d like to share with you is the spinal twist. It’s a very complete exercise which works out the lumbar and oblique muscles. If you incorporate it into your routine, you’ll be able to develop a well defined lower back.

Swiss ball leg lifts

In order to perform it, place the Swiss Ball under your legs. Then, twist your trunk in order for the lateral part of your legs to touch the ground alternately.

In short, working out your back is not only convenient, but it only takes a few minutes a day. The exercises mentioned above are ideal if your goal is to strengthen your lower back and improve your balance while preventing back injuries.

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