5 Foods That Drain Your Energy

5 Foods That Drain Your Energy

Last update: 02 July, 2018

Do you feel tired when you get home each day? Do you play sports and feel like you are in a slump? There are many reasons for why this might be happening to you and one of them could be that you are consuming foods that drain your energy. You may be eating foods that make you feel tired and leave you lacking vitality or energy. This is because some foods act like energy thieves.

If you want to feel active and energetic, you should eliminate these foods from your diet. You will see how quickly you notice the changes as you start to feel less tired. So that you know which foods to stop eating, we provide you with a list where we detail the foods that drain your energy


cherries foods that drain your energy

At first, you might be skeptical of this item. It is surprising that a fruit could be among the foods that drain your energy. Usually these fruits nourish us with vitamins and energy, and are a perfect food for any time of the day.

The case of cherries is different because they contain a substance called melatonin. This substance is a sleep-inducer and is included in many of the drugs used to help us fall asleep. This substance is also produced naturally by your body. The production occurs during the night so we can sleep and rest to be functional the next day.

Therefore, it is best to consume cherries only as a dessert. In addition to being a delicious and tasty dessert, cherries also help us relax and fall asleep. Although if you want to eat to prepare your body for an exercise session or a long days of work, it is better to opt for another food.

Fried and Battered Foods

Fried and battered foods contain oil, breadcrumbs or other similar foods in large proportion. These extra ingredients that we add to the food we fry or batter makes it heavier. That is why it is harder to digest and our bodies have to work harder to process them.

When we eat fried and battered foods, most of the energy in our bodies has to concentrate on digestion. Therefore, we feel heavier, tired, and less energized.

Eating this type of food once a week or on special occasions is not a problem. If it becomes habitual, in addition to gaining weight, we will find ourselves less healthy and with less vitality.


If you ask anyone if caffeine adds or drains energy, many people would probably opt for the first option. The truth is that caffeine is something that must be consumed in moderation. If we consume it in excess, it will go from being an ally to becoming an enemy.

High consumption of caffeine causes a rebound effect on the body. At first we feel vital, full of energy and find we are able to perform all our pending tasks.

Hours later, we enter a withdrawal phase and start to feel down. So, it is important for us to dismantle the myth of caffeine, because although it is true that at first it gives us energy, we eventually have to pay a high price for this vitality push.

Alcohol and Carbonated Drinks

Alcohol and carbonated drinks are other energy drainers. Have you ever experienced a hangover? We all know the feeling that comes from having a night spent partying. Despite the dancing, laughter, and a desire to have fun, the next day this usually turns into stomach pain, low energy, and a desire to lie on the couch.

In addition, these types of drinks dehydrate the body and their high sugar content means that they are very unhealthy for us. Therefore, we should not consume these drinks frequently and in high quantities. One glass of wine or one drink after dinner with friends, allows us to still enjoy these drinks, but without losing energy.

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