6 Chest Exercises with Resistance Bands

Elastic or resistance bands can be used to perform a number of exercises easily and without major investments in training equipment. Additionally, they allow us to do activities anywhere.
6 Chest Exercises with Resistance Bands

Last update: 31 March, 2019

More and more people are choosing to buy a fitness band to exercise at home while watching television or chatting with their family. In this article, we’ll show you some chest exercises with resistance bands that can be very useful.

These items are sold online or in sports stores, they are quite affordable and allow us to work on all muscle groups. Among the many alternatives, we have the option of exercising our pectorals with them. Pay attention to the following list and start today!

How are the chest exercises with resistance bands done?

Depending on the movement that you perform, the elastic bands combine resistance with aerobic exercise, while strengthening the muscles in use. With that in mind, we now present a few chest routines with resistance bands.

The combination of these exercises will be ideal if you want to have well-defined pectorals next summer. Remember, to be able to execute them, you’ll need three attachment points: roof, middle area, and floor, depending on the exercise you perform.

1. Declined chest fly exercises with resistance bands

You start with a high attachment point. Stand beside the band and take it with your right arm. Always stand with your back straight, legs slightly apart, and your free arm above your waist.

The exercise starts by stretching the right arm so it’s parallel to the floor, at shoulder height. You will now make a forward movement so that the hand is at the level of the pelvis. Try not to move the torso so that only the arm and chest do the work. Do 20 repetitions and change sides.

2. Declined chest press

This is another chest exercise with an elastic band set in a high support point. In this case, you should stand with your back to the band and take it with your left arm from one end. Open your legs and stand on your side with your right foot forward.

The left arm starts off semi-flexed at shoulder height and then goes forward across the chest and remains at hip level. Make a slight rotation of the torso to make it easier. Repeat 10 times and switch to the right side.

Resistance bands aren't expensive.

3. Chest press

We’ll now turn to exercises with mid-level attachment points, approximately at the height of the shoulders. To execute the chest press, you must open your legs a little with your back to the elastic band, which you will hold (first) with your left hand.

The movement is similar to a boxing blow: first, tilt your elbow behind your head. Then, fully stretch your arm forward, away from the chest; at the same time, turn the torso. The shoulder movement is fundamental in this exercise. Do 10 repetitions per side.

4. Chest fly

The second mid-level chest exercise with resistance bands is quite aerobic as well because it includes small jumps. Stand beside the band and grab it with your left arm stretched. Open your legs a little and place your right hand on your waist.

Do a short jump while opening your legs wider and moving your arm towards your chest, so that the palm of your hand touches the opposite shoulder. After 10 repetitions, change sides.

5. Inclined chest press exercises with resistance bands

It’s now time to learn some exercises with support points at floor-level. The chest press with a band is made with your back to the resistance band. Take one end with your left hand and step forward with your right foot.

You’ll also have to swing a punch similar to boxing. Don’t forget to turn your torso and shoulders to facilitate movements.

Shoulder movements are very important in chest exercises.

6. Inclined chest fly

The last chest exercise is also with a low-level attachment point. To do it, stand beside the band and take one end of it with your left hand. Your arm should be stretched out with the wrist facing forward. Then, bend the elbow and raise the arm diagonally, so that your hand is at the height of the right ear. Do 20 repetitions per side.

As you may have noticed, all of these exercises are simple and perfectly regulated to the physical state and needs of each individual. Moreover, the risk of injury is really low so long as you apply the correct technique at all times. Why not take advantage of them?

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