7 Things You Have to Do to Start Running Now

7 Things You Have to Do to Start Running Now

Last update: 09 July, 2018

Before you start to run, it is worth taking into account different aspects, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

7 Things You Have to Do to Start Running Now

If you want to start running, you should know that it will help you stay in shape, improve your health and well-being. Start running now to think about yourself and evaluate your goals.

But, if you do not know how to start or at what pace to run, here we help you to take the first step and keep the right motivation.

Right motivation

It is possible that you have tried to run before, but decided to abandon it? Perhaps the demands of work, your home, and family mean time for this activity lacks space in your schedule. For this or some other reason, you are not consistent with the decision to start running.

Running is one of the most dynamic activities that exist. It also allows you a break and active meditation on the journey. It is an activity where you put personal challenges and the fight against your mind to achieve it. In addition, it allows you to extend all your limbs, so the relaxation will be complete.

It is a training of body and mind, so that your self-esteem will improve. However, if you are starting to run from scratch, it is a process. First, you must work progressively to create the habit in your life, to the point that your body and mind ask for it.

This is because your muscles need some time to achieve their elasticity and strength to run, and your heart and lungs will demand the same.

7  factors to consider before you start running

If you are starting from scratch, it is important that you learn to divide the training period in stages. And please do not compare yourself, since each person differs in physical condition. You already got off the couch and are ready to start running, so pay attention to the following points:

Your own rhythm

Woman listening to music while resting

At the beginning, we must have realistic goals, and discover what our rhythm is.

It is not that you follow a strict schedule of time and kilometers. The idea is for you to know when and how much to move forward, or if it is necessary to change the route. Learn to read your own body according to the effort required, of course, do not commit it either. Remember that you can generate an internal struggle in your mind of wanting to return to the couch.

Overcoming excuses

One of the first excuses that does not take long to appear is: “I have no clothes or shoes.” But, to start you will not require professional clothing, just comfortable shoes and some resistance.

In regard to clothing, this should be light, and while there are several sportswear options on the market, the important thing is to start running. And practical and comfortable clothing is all you need to run in.

If you already have clothes, franelillas, monkeys, leggings, or shorts and shoes that you feel comfortable with, they are more than enough for your body to keep the natural movement pattern that is needed to run.

In case of very bad weather, there is always the option of running on a treadmill.

Woman running on a treadmill

Know your body

Professional runners use certain devices to monitor their body’s activity. To start, there is nothing better than your own clock or natural indicator. Your own body will send signals to tell you when to increase or decrease intensity. You just need to pay attention to those signals.

Therefore, running should be active with body and mind and work according to your body’s response. Your body will also ask for periods of rest or break.

Warming up

Move before you start running! It is an essential phase so as to avoid injuries. Start for a few minutes by making circles with your wrists, arms and legs. This will be enough before starting the route.

These stretching exercises aim to activate your circulation in the joints, and heat up your body for increased activity.


Staying hydrated is vital and, your body will demand it. Do not exaggerate, drink only when your body is thirsty, because the excess can hurt you and cause abdominal pain when running.


Woman eating fruit

Before you start running, eat some fruit to avoid dizziness. These will provide you with the necessary energy that your body will demand. To have a reference, the ideal portion will be the one that fits in your fist.

Action plan

Prepare your routine. Establish an action plan based on a defined schedule. Analyze the following:

  • What would be the best time to start running? In the afternoon or very early in the morning?
  • What route will you take and what distance will you run?
  • Write down your goals, it is always good to set goals.
  • Alternate walking with running.
  • Rest one day a week.

Remember, you are making an investment in your health, which will give you benefits in both the short and long term. Little by little, you will be part of a great community of people who share your same goal. That will boost your motivation and the desire to continue.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.