8 Signs You'd Be an Amazing Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer is a profession that can be rewarding and interesting since you encourage and teach people to achieve their goals and objectives.
8 Signs You'd Be an Amazing Personal Trainer

Last update: 21 December, 2018

To be a personal trainer you must study to be able to practice, just as with any other career. Moreover, there are people who have the necessary essential characteristics. Keep reading to discover if you are one of them!

To dedicate oneself to training involves obtaining a degree in physical activity sciences, plus the sport that one wants to teach, as well as an understanding of the exercises.

Everything is possible through study and effort. Now, there are signs and signals that represent the spirit of a personal trainer. Having these qualities naturally could make you the best person to be a coach. Those signs are the following:

1. Passion for sports

The key to being good at something is to love and feel passion for what you do. Therefore, the mere fact that you like what you do is an important quality. There are people who exercise as a hobby, to lose weight, or because they want to be professionals. Regardless of why they practice it, a passionate trainer conveys their love for the sport, which provides a light and motivating environment to give 100 percent.

2. You achieve what you set out to

Sometimes, it’s difficult to maintain the commitment, strength of will and motivation necessary to achieve something. However, if you stick to an idea or plan and don’t rest until you achieve it, then you have an important characteristic needed to become a personal trainer.

Personal trainer and woman doing push-ups.

Keeping focused on something is essential, both in daily life and in sports. Therefore, it’s a unique sign for training people, since it’s your job to encourage them not to give up and keep working for the goal, even when they feel that they can’t.

3. You know how to listen

One of the problems of certain physical instructors is that they concentrate on providing the training of the sport, and leave aside the feelings and emotions of the individual. If you have the type of personality that takes the time to really listen and provide support, you would be a very good personal trainer.

4. You are attentive

Being a personal trainer means being attentive to the needs of the client. This means, having that interest in the welfare of others. Also, have the willingness to dedicate attention and time. For example, a personal trainer should be aware if your athlete has any illness or injury, and thus adapt the exercise to their needs.

5. You have good empathy

When there is ot compassion in the coach-athlete relationship, it can largely be due to a lack of empathy. When you have empathy, you really understand true humanity and feel what the other person is feeling. In this way, it becomes much easier to approach people and motivate a change in them.

6. Knowledge

If you’re one of those people who are not only passionate about sports but also interested in knowing their history, how the movements arose and why they are carried out in that way. Personal trainers should be informed about everything related to exercise, if this happens spontaneously then you have a skill that is worth its weight in gold.

Personal trainer and woman at the gym.

7. You know how to lead and not send

There is a line between being an authority figure with the ability to lead towards a goal, and being a boss who simply gives orders. Therefore, being that kind of person who has the tools to lead a person to success, is to have the gift of sports coaching.

8. You’re a figure to admire

As when they say that older siblings should set an example to younger siblings, so does the coach to the athlete. It’s essential that the athlete feel fortunate and privileged. Because of this, it’s important that you reflect what you teach since admiration is an essential element for the person to feel motivated.

If you’re a person who is attentive, passionate, and admirable you many of the qualities that a personal trainer should have. Sometimes, we have incredible abilities but we are not aware of them. If you identified with this post, you might become an amazing personal trainer!


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.