AMRAP Training, What it is and How to Do it

AMRAP training adapts to your needs and schedule. There are no excuses for not dedicating a small part of your day to physical training. Try these routines for great results!
AMRAP Training, What it is and How to Do it

Last update: 29 March, 2019

Within the already established CrossFit training, we can find different forms. Among these forms is AMRAP. Would you like to find out what it is and how to do it? Keep reading to discover more.

What is AMRAP training and how to do it?

To begin with and in order to understand what AMRAP training is and how to do it, we need to know what the word means. AMRAP stands for, “As Many Repetitions As Possible“.

Within the WOD (Workout of the Day) established in CrossFit, the main objective in AMRAP is to do the most number of rounds or repetitions within a certain amount of time.

If your main reason for not working out is that you do not have time, you need to keep in mind that AMRAP adapts to your needs and schedule. Every session will incorporate whatever you want or can handle. The minimum workout is 20 minutes, but at top speed.

Advantages of doing AMRAP training

The greatest benefit of this discipline is that it improves cardiovascular endurance. This is due to the fact that it is a cardio workout in every sense. Other advantages of AMRAP training are:

1. Burning calories with AMRAP training and how to do it

If your goal is to lose weight quickly and you have tried different kinds of exercise without any results, we recommend you give Crossfit a chance and specifically AMRAP. You will accelerate your metabolism in a way that you will lose extra pounds without even knowing it.

2. Build muscle mass

On the other hand, AMRAP is a good complement for those who enjoy weight lifting and who want to rip their arms, back or pectorals. Since it’s a routine with very few elements, you’ll exercise zones you would probably not exercise with other machines.

3. Improve your self-esteem

Once you have started to see results in your AMRAP training, it will be easier to finish your whole workout session. You need to do the most repetitions that you can of each exercise. The changes in your body will soon start to show.

20 minute crossfit routine

How to do AMRAP training

It’s said that AMRAP training is the toughest routine in Crossfit. This does not mean that it’s meant only for professionals or experts. It’s essential though, to know your limits and pay attention to the signs your body sends. This way you can avoid injuries and muscle fatigue.

In the beginning, you’ll find it challenging and it will take time to get the hang of the routine. However, once you’ve been training a few weeks you’ll discover that you’ll perform better and get the most out of each workout. Pay attention to these AMRAP routines that you can practice at home or the gym:

Routine 1 for beginners AMRAP training and how to do it

The idea is to work out for 15 minutes with only two exercises: pushups and abdominal exercises. The objective is to do push-ups for 3 minutes (as many as you can), rest for 1 minute and do abdominal exercises such as sit-ups for 3 minutes. Complete 2 rounds, to work out for 15 minutes.

 Routine 2 for beginners

In this case, AMRAP training is 20 minutes and 3 exercises: push ups, sit ups and jumping rope. Start with 3 minutes of the first, rest for 1 minute; 3 minutes of the next and a 1 minute break; finish with 2 minutes of the last exercise. repeat the round twice.

Routine 3 for Beginners

Also performed for 20 minutes, but with only 2 exercises: run 400 meters and 3 minutes of pull ups, rest 1 minute in between. repeat for 20 minutes.

Routine 1 for Advanced AMRAP training and how to do it

Complete 15 minutes of training with these exercises: push ups, lunges, and double-unders. In this case, perform 10 push-ups, 20 lunges and 60 double-unders. Do as many rounds as possible for 15 minutes.

woman cross fit training

Routine 2 for Advanced

During 20 minutes, complete the following exercises: 5 hand stands, 10 squats and 5 pull ups. Do as many rounds as possible within the 20 minutes.

Routine 3 for Advanced

This AMRAP training lasts for 20 minutes. The exercises are the following: 20 squats. 20 push ups, 1 rope climb, 10 pull ups, and 10 burpees. Try to do at least two rounds of each session.

With AMRAP training you’ll be exercising your whole body. In contrast to many other routines, you won’t need to spend long hours in the gym. Don’t hesitate to give it a chance!


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