Are Gym Classes Just for the Ladies?

Gym classes offer so many benefits. There are classes that work on specific zones of the body, as well as relaxation techniques. Let's take a look at some options and see if they're suitable for men as well.
Are Gym Classes Just for the Ladies?

Last update: 12 November, 2018

Lots of stereotypes are associated with gyms. For example, using weights is considered to be a male discipline, while gym classes are aimed at women only. But is this really the case? Let’s investigate.

Gym classes are just for women… not!

There are lots of gym classes at your local gym to choose from. In fact, some gyms offer as many as 150 different courses. However, we normally only see a long line of women waiting to sign up. From somewhere, the myth that gym classes are just for women came to be, leading men to feel embarrassed if they enter a class.


Spinning, or indoor cycling, can help our lower body get into shape by targeting our thighs and glutes. These gym classes aren’t just great for burning fat, they strengthen legs as well.

Spinning consists of pedaling on a bicycle to the rhythm of the music, following the instructor’s lead. Is it a workout that’s only reserved for women? Of course not!

Body combat

Body combat training is based on a combination of martial arts and contact sports. Exercisers punch the air or a punching bag. These gym classes are great for burning off calories and working out the entire body.

On a further note, body combat is wonderful for relaxing the mind and body, freeing us from daily stress and tension. Is it just for women? Absolutely not!

Body pump

A new way of using weights has been introduced in most gyms. In body pump training, exercises move to the rhythm of music while lifting weights, giving our entire bodies a complete workout by targeting the biggest muscle groups.

In this gym class, you could build up your endurance and steadily gain some kilos with the weights that you’ll also use in other activities.

Wouldn’t men love that? Come on, guys! Body pump isn’t just for the ladies!


Yoga and Pilates are often regarded as “feminine” practices, but the results that they offer can benefit anyone. Improved balance and flexibility are just two examples, which are factors that’ll attribute to a higher quality of life in the long run.

Gym classes yoga

On a different note, both yoga and Pilates help work out the muscles that are deep within the body, thus helping us to burn fat and tone specific areas. Whether you’re male or female, isn’t this what we all want to achieve?


Zumba classes are a substitute for the famous aerobic classes that have been around from day one. In Zumba, exercisers work out to the rhythm of Latin songs. Dancing through Zumba helps us to burn fat, expel toxins, improve concentration and enjoy ourselves too. It isn’t exclusive to women, men should try this too.

HIIT and Tabata

High-intensity interval classes are becoming more and more popular, but there’s normally a lot more women than men participating in them. However, the benefits that these kinds of workouts can offer, for both men and women, are actually quite impressive. HIIT and Tabata workouts take bodies to their endurance and strength limits, quickly and steadily burning off fat.

Gym classes HIIT

In addition to building endurance, these classes tone the entire body because they work out all areas and help to improve physical strength. Isn’t this what both men and women dream about?

Men, we need to forget all of the hearsay. Leave your embarrassment to one side and try out the classes that can help you mentally and physically. Take a look at our list and try a few out, you will enjoy them too. Even if you do end up being the only guy in your class!

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