Benefits of Exercise and How to Prevent Health Problems

Exercise has many benefits for well-being and health. Therefore, below we'll show you the most outstanding benefits of exercise.
Benefits of Exercise and How to Prevent Health Problems

Last update: 20 January, 2019

Participation in physical activities offers so many advantages for people. In fact, the benefits of exercise and the prevention of health problems are closely linked. This has a profound and positive impact on communities and society in general.

Of course, exercise is generally a fantastic way to improve physical condition and health. And for most people, exercise provides pleasure and also refreshes the mind.

In addition, exercise helps the body to function smoothly and efficiently. Keep in mind that physical exercise involves the activity of each and every muscle and, therefore, strengthens and promotes good health.

What are the benefits of exercise?

1.-Positive attitude

Exercise can bring a positive attitude to life if it’s performed in a healthy way. Among other things, it refreshes the mind and helps develop a more ambitious perspective on life. It also provides energy and helps develop self-esteem and mutual respect.


Practicing any type of exercise builds the discipline you need to be successful in other areas of life. By practicing exercise, you’ll learn to apply the discipline you need to fulfill day-to-day responsibilities.

Personal trainer showing how to exercise with elliptical.

3.-Weight reduction

Participating in some type of physical activity helps to reduce body fat and control weight.

4.-Boosts your mood

During the course of the exercise, the brain releases chemicals that can relax you and make you feel well. This is beneficial, especially if you have a stressful job or a personal life that needs distractions.

Certainly, research confirms that exercise improves mood, with a reduction in anxiety and depression, an increase in self-esteem and feelings of greater self-efficacy.

“Exercise teaches you to have character, to follow the rules, to know how it feels to win or lose: it teaches you about life.”

-Billie Jean King-


How does exercise help to prevent health problems?

1.-General strength in the whole body

Thanks to physical activity, both the bones and muscles become stronger. You must bear in mind that with aging, bones can become very weak and fragile and exercise is probably one of the best ways to keep them in shape.

2.-Helps fight depression

Being depressed can make you feel low on energy, which could discourage you from being more active. However, regular exercise can improve your mood and is especially useful for people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Also, some studies have found that exercise can be a useful treatment for depression in adults.

Woman doing exercise in group.

3.-Prevents heart diseases

Daily physical activity helps improve blood flow and increases the working capacity of your heart. In addition, it can help to prevent heart disease and strokes by strengthening the heart muscle, lowering blood pressure and increasing high and low-density lipoprotein levels.

4.-Prevents back pain

By increasing strength and muscular endurance, in addition to improving flexibility and body posture, regular exercise helps to prevent back pain.

Likewise, researchers confirm the effectiveness of regular physical activity in the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases.

Woman with back pain for not doing exercise.

5.-Improved blood circulation

Blood circulation improves when you start exercising, as the body remains well oxygenated. Therefore, it remains healthier and more active. In addition to blood circulation, physical activity can also increase the hemoglobin count and the blood volume.

Finally, remember, the benefits of the exercise depends on the amount and type of exercise that takes place. Don’t forget that, among other things, exercise can help you achieve fitness goals and maintain a healthy weight.

In addition, exercise also encourages healthy decision-making, such as not smoking or drinking alcohol. As you have seen, exercise also has hidden health benefits, such as preventing back pain or preventing heart disease.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.