Best Boxing and Kickboxing Equipment

If you are going to practice boxing or kickboxing, it's best to have the necessary equipment to prevent injuries and be able to train safely.
Best Boxing and Kickboxing Equipment

Last update: 22 November, 2018

Currently, there are so many accessories for boxing and kickboxing, that it’s difficult to know which products to buy. Moreover, we have so many doubts as beginners. It’s about knowing how to choose the ideal products for a safe and high-performance training experience.

Accessories for boxing and kickboxing: gloves and wraps

Possibly the gloves are the most important and recognized of all the accessories for boxing and kickboxing. These are the accessories that will protect our hands during training and when entering the ring. But wraps also protect the skin against friction or impact.

Woman using boxing gloves.

Which wraps to choose?

The wraps have a triple function during the practice of boxing and kickboxing. They support our wrists and take protect the knuckles of the hands inside the gloves. In addition, they fulfill a hygienic role by covering the skin and reducing contact with any pathogen or allergen.

The question is: what wraps to choose? If it’s for a beginner or amateur athlete, it’s best to select elastic wraps. These products are easier to place and are more sensitive and comfortable when in contact with the skin.

Many more experienced athletes often prefer the use of cotton or semi-elastic wraps. These accessories offer a very good lifespan, but their adjustment to the hand requires a little more patience and experience. Prices can vary from eight to twelve dollars, depending on the design and composition.

Another practical option is using elastic gloves that serve as a ‘second skin’ when placed underneath the outer gloves. These products require a higher investment but offer complete protection for your hands and wrists. Prices can vary from eleven to sixteen dollars, depending on the manufacturing materials.

Which gloves?

The most important factor when choosing gloves is to observe the size, the manufacturing material, and its purpose. In general, the most commonly used gloves to start practicing boxing and kickboxing are those intended for competition or training.

Gloves made of vinyl are more economical, but offer a short lifespan, because they wear out quickly. Therefore, products made of PVC are recommended for beginners, they’re accessible and offer enough durability.

Woman hitting a boxing bag.

If we analyze the market for quality gloves, the BenLee brand offers good gloves and prices start from nineteen dollars. On a more professional level, we have the Everlast for around thirty dollars.

For the most advanced users, high-end leatherette gloves offer comfort, quality, and durability. Among the products that these athletes choose is the Custom Fighter brand, with a price of thirty-four dollars on its official site.

Professionals prefer high-end gloves, handmade from leather. These products require a high investment and are not comfortable for beginners. The Everlast brand offers high-quality leather gloves from one-hundred and thirty-five dollars.

Specific gloves for hitting the bag are important

Over time, it’s useful to invest in a pair of specific gloves for hitting the bag. Despite not being among the main accessories for boxing and kickboxing, these gloves help to improve the accuracy of the blows and optimize training.

Mouth guards and helmet for complete protection

During training, it’s essential to protect your head and mouth from injuries. Therefore, a mouth guard and helmet must be among your accessories required to practice boxing and kickboxing.

There are two types of mouth guards: the simple ones and the double ones. The simple guards cover the upper row of teeth, while the double guard covers both rows, and offers comprehensive protection. On Amazon we can find simple mouth guards from five dollars, doubles usually cost from twenty-two dollars.

The helmet is mandatory in amateur boxing competitions, it’s a fundamental accessory for training safely. Its function is to protect the frontal region, the forehead, and the cheekbones; regions that are very sensitive to any impact.

The key aspect to choosing a good product is your comfort during sports practice. The helmet shouldn’t impede or interfere with your movements, or press your head or damage your vision. Ideally, each person tries to find the helmet that is most comfortable. Prices vary between forty and two-hundred and twenty-seven dollars.

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