Create Harmony in Your Body With BodyBalance

BodyBalance helps you to create harmony in your body and mind. It'll also improve your breathing and contribute to better overall wellbeing.
Create Harmony in Your Body With BodyBalance

Last update: 10 March, 2021

Yoga, Pilates, and tai chi. All of these disciplines are geared towards mental relaxation, inner peace, and meditation. All while strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, and the ability to concentrate. Choosing between one or the other is often complicated, as each one has advantages that stand out among others. But there’s one that combines all three! It’s called BodyBalance. Keep reading and discover how this discipline creates harmony in your body.

What is BodyBalance and how does it create harmony in your body?

BodyBalance is a combination of several techniques from yoga, Pilates, and tai chi. Thanks to this fusion, you’ll be able to improve your strength and flexibility and obtain inner peace. You’ll also improve your balance and your muscles will become stronger.

One of the bases of this exercise lies in the breathing techniques, which you’ll learn as you go along, thus improving your breathing. Breathing well is essential to feel calm and making sure your body works properly. So, it’s just one more reason to opt for bodybalance.

What does a BodyBalance class entail?

Even if you’ve never been to a yoga or Pilates class, you can get an idea of what they involve. But what about BodyBalance? What are the classes like? Well, during the classes, which last about 55 minutes, you’ll hear ten musical tracks and, during each of them, the instructor will focus on a physical capacity.

In the beginning, you’ll start with some tai chi positions that will serve as a warm-up. They’ll allow you to get rid of any muscular and emotional tension from your day and help create harmony in your body.

The class will continue with different yoga and Pilates positions that aim to strengthen the main muscle groups while stretching. Some of these poses may include sun salutations, hip openers, twists, or balances.

A BodyBalance class.

Although it may seem like this type of workout isn’t very useful in the physical sense, the truth is that the force you exert to stretch the muscles and maintain balance performs an impressive function in regard to your endurance and muscle mass.

In addition, in the emotional sense, it’ll allow you to eliminate stress, be more relaxed, and see life and your problems in a calmer way.

Other innovative classes in gyms

BodyBalance is just a sign that gyms also evolve over time and adapt their classes to the needs of athletes, taking advantage of new techniques and equipment.

Today, there are gyms that offer more than 50 different types of classes, while until a few years ago, we didn’t know much more than aerobics, step, and little else. These are some of the latest additions:

  • Body combat. Although boxing has always been seen as a sport, little was done in gyms inspired by it other than installing a punching bag. Today, this has changed thanks to body combat classes where boxing and dance are combined in high-intensity classes that burn calories while you have fun and learn how to punch.
Women in a body combat class.
  • Body pump. For years, the weight area of the gym was considered a ‘boys’ area. And for this reason, many women didn’t dare ‘cross the line’. Although more and more women are getting into weights, there were many who were still prejudiced. Thankfully, someone came up with the brilliant idea of creating body pump classes. A fusion of dance and aerobic exercise with weights.
Women and men in a body pump class.
  • Sh’Bam. Zumba has become popular worldwide, but some people don’t really like the Latin music that’s used for these classes. Therefore, Sh’bam was invented, a dance class with similar techniques to Zumba but with modern music. Dancing to the rhythm of the most popular songs is what many were looking for.
A Sh'Bam class.

You can see that gyms continue to adapt to the times and make it easier for you to stay in shape with BodyBalance and other innovative classes that allow you to exercise your body while you relax or have fun.

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