Daily Habits for a Flat Stomach

People try all sorts of things to get a flat stomach. From strict diets and long days at the gym, to creams and lotions, to even working out in sauna suits. However, there are some reasonable, effective ways to get a flat stomach. Let's take a look at a few. 
Daily Habits for a Flat Stomach

Last update: 18 August, 2018

It’s often said that human beings are creatures of habit. Our regular habits have a huge effect on our physical fitness, our health, and even our general quality of life. Since many people have the goal of waking up with a flat stomach, even to the point of an obsession, we’re going to discuss a few daily habits that can help you to achieve that goal.

You are what you eat

The first step to a flat stomach is a balanced diet. It’s important to avoid saturated fats, as well as excess sugar and sodium. Some dietitians also recommend avoiding lactose, although this is still under debate.

On top of a balanced diet, drinking enough water is very important. The human body just doesn’t function as well when it’s dehydrated. But carbonated drinks, sodas, and sweetended juices don’t count toward your daily water intake, and they can sometimes even be dehydrating.

Drinking enough water every day is important if you're trying to get a flat stomach

Avoid certain foods

Yogurt is a key component of many healthy diets. This ancient food that originates from fermented milk, contains more than 100 types of active beneficial bacteria -which are very important to a healthy immune system-  as well as high levels of B vitamins.

Yogurt is also beneficial for your entire digestive system. It can lower cholesterol and prevent constipation, and on top of that, it’s a great source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. But, if you’re trying to lose abdominal fat and get a flat stomach, yogurt might not be the best option for you.

The high lactose content and processed sugars in yogurt make it difficult to digest, which can cause abdominal bloating. Although some experts only discourage eating yogurt at night, other dietitians recommend that you avoid it completely.

Candy and junk food

In general, sugary treats should be avoided if you’re trying to eat healthily and follow a balanced diet, as they often have high quantities of processed chemicals and sugars. Even ‘sugarless’ versions of candy have been shown to be harmful.

Although some treats, such as dried fruits, are considered “healthy” they’re still not recommended if you’re trying to lose abdominal fat. Although dried fruits are rich in nutrients and fiber, they’re still high in fructose, a simple sugar.

Eating fiber is also important to getting a flat stomach

Other foods to avoid

Energy bars are another to food you might want to steer clear of. They frequently contain milk and soy, which can cause gas. On top of that, energy bars are often calorie dense. While this might make them great for athletes who need energy, they definitely won’t help you to lose abdominal fat.

Chewing gum is another habit to avoid, even if it’s sugar-free gum. This not only causes gas and bloating, the constant act of chewing can make you feel hungry. 

How often should you workout?

Anyone concerned with losing abdominal fat, or wanting to gain good health in general, often wonders how often they should workout. Although it seems impossible to workout too much, you don’t have to sweat it out in the gym every single day to get results. Consistently going for a 30 minute walk five days a week is a great place to start, and for some people this is enough to meet their goals.

But for anyone who doesn’t have the time, isometric exercises are a great option. Isometric workouts are an efficient way to strengthen your muscles in a short period of time. They usually involve holding a pose, like the plank.

Because isometric exercises are very low impact and gentle on joints, they’re often used in rehabilitation.  There is a wide variety of such routines, and these can be easily done at home.

Minimize stress

Stress is the first thing to avoid in the quest for a flat stomach, including stress from obsessing over having a flat stomach! Some trainers even recommend focusing on another part of your body to help you lower anxiety.

On top of that, yoga is another great way to reduce stress and anxiety. This exercise is great for relaxing your mind, as well as toning and strengthening your entire body.



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