Don't Just Workout at the Gym

It is often difficult to find enough time to go to the gym. That is why it is important to exercise anywhere and take advantage of every small gap of free time, in order to complement the work you do in the gym.
Don't Just Workout at the Gym

Last update: 16 August, 2018

Everyone knows that a sedentary lifestyle is not beneficial for their general health and mood. Well, it is actually quite easy to fall into this kind of lifestyle, even if you go the gym every day, since it does not really make sense to work out for one hour, and spend the rest of the day lying on the couch watching TV. Take advantage of any spare time you might have and don’t just workout at the gym!

Don’t just workout at the gym, every small effort counts

When people want to start exercising, they usually see two options. The first, is going to the gym only once or twice a week, and the second, is going every day, but still having having a sedentary lifestyle. 

Nowadays, the most common type of work takes place in an office, or from an armchair at home. And, although individuals may workout for an hour a day, it is very easy for them to still spend eight hours or more of sitting down each day.  This can be from working, then arriving home and sitting down again, on the couch to watch TV.

If this is something you can relate to, you must stop it if you want to get results. No one said it was easy to be healthy or to have a great body, but we know that it’s not impossible. The trick is to make the most of your time and circumstances, don’t just leave your workout for the gym. Here are some tips:

Do not use the elevator

If you want your circulation and muscles to be in motion throughout the day, one of the first things you have to do is forget the elevator. Go up and down the stairs. If you live on the seventh floor it may be too difficult, but you can at least go up three or four floors and then use the elevator for the rest of the way.

use stairs to work out

This routine brings perseverance, and perseverance brings results.

It seems like a minor action, but day after day, you will start to see results in your legs, and especially in your health and endurance.

Use stationary bike pedals in the office

You may already be familiar with these pedals, which you place on the floor and can use while you are sitting. Well, if you work in an office and are able to have them under your desk, these pedals are an ideal device to help you to improve your blood circulation.

We do not mean to suggest that you should be pedaling for eight hours straight while you work, but if you spend a few minutes doing it every hour, your circulation will remain active and it can help you to stay in shape. Take time from your lunch break to pedal or take a walk.

What to do at home?

If you work at home from your computer, another good idea might be to buy a small treadmill that works only for your feet. It does not take up too much space. You could buy a desk that you can adjust so that it’s at a height that will allow you to walk while you work.

Again, we will tell you that you do not need to be walking all the time, but it is good to get your legs moving for at least a few minutes of every hour.


Stress and fatigue lead us to drive everywhere. Forget this and try to walk instead. Walk to work if you can, even if it may take ten more minutes of your day. This is precious time that your body and your health will appreciate.

Also, forget going to the supermarket in your car. Walk instead! Walk to pick your children up from school. Walking is not a cardio exercise but it keeps your body moving and improves your blood flow.

walking to work

Take advantage of small opportunities as they come

Here is the point at which your imagination comes into play. Do you want to spend a Saturday with friends? Organize a hike, a bike trip, or a climb? This can differ depending on your hobbies and interests. Either way, stay away from movies and pizza for these types of days.

If you walk to the supermarket, take advantage of the time to do some lifting with your groceries. And why not add a few squats to your breaks from working at home? It may seem silly, but just a few push-ups or sit-ups that require very little effort can provide you with some excellent long-term results.

Every small effort counts. If you want to be healthy and keep your body active throughout the day, take advantage of your spare time in imaginative ways. Remember, don’t just workout at the gym!

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