Electrostimulator: Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology offers us many tools to help us perform daily activities. The electrostimulator, for example, can help us strengthen the results of our exercise if we use it properly.
Electrostimulator: Advantages and Disadvantages

Last update: 23 June, 2019

Perhaps you have heard or read about the electrostimulator? It’s a device that “guarantees” increased results and reduced workout times. As they say in the adverts, it’s “perfect for today’s man and woman”. In this article, we’ll share the main advantages and disadvantages of the electrostimulator.

What’s an electrostimulator?

The electrostimulator is what many call a ‘revolution’ in the fitness world and others see it as a workout compliment. As the popular saying goes, it all depends on how you look at it.

Muscle electrostimulation went on the market a few years ago and became quite popular among those who didn’t have a lot of time to go to the gym. It was also meant for those who didn’t want to occupy their schedules with exercise but wanted the same results.

The electro-stimulation technique uses electrical currents to contract the muscles, similar to the impulses sent by the central nervous system to control movements.

An electrostimulator is a suit-type apparatus with electrodes, which are placed in different areas of the body. Through various settings (from lower to higher intensity) electrical currents reach the muscles, even those that are rather difficult to activate through conventional exercise.

It’s important to know that using these electrodes will not cause you to ‘lose weight from the comfort of your couch’ as some people believe. Although it’s true that a part of the muscle activates when we use the electrostimulator, there won’t be any tangible results if it’s not accompanied by a good training routine.

Unlike devices used for rehabilitation after injuries, the electrostimulator doesn’t work passively. You have to move to make it work!

Although anyone can take advantage of electrostimulation, the truth is that in order to really see effects in the medium term, you must be physically prepared. This means that the system is designed to increase the performance of people who train or go to the gym.

Man electro stimulation

Advantages of the electrostimulator

Now that you know a bit about the use of the electrostimulator, it’s important to know the benefits that it may provide. They are as follows:

Saves time

You may want to train, but you don’t have two hours a day to dedicate to the gym. The electrostimulator will help you reduce the time you need to exercise.

Work in a localized manner

If you’ve suffered an injury, electrostimulation can help to strengthen specific areas without compromising muscles or stability.

It doesn’t generate impacts on joints

One of the negative effects of certain exercises is that they cause a lot of stress on the knees or ankles, for example, by forcing them to support all of the body’s weight. With electrostimulation, you can train without generating too much impact on your joints

Electrostimulation facilitates muscle recovery

If you feel very tired after exercising, or you experience cramps, electrostimulation may be ideal for you. It works to accelerate muscle recovery after training, and in addition, it doesn’t produce the typical burden of cardio exercises.

Ideal for hypertrophy

If your goal is to increase and define muscles, you can use an electro-stimulator. This device works on the muscles and allows you to define them in less time than just exercise.

Smartphone electrostimulator

Disadvantages of the electro-stimulator

Beyond all of the above, it’s often said that ‘not everything can be seen through rose tinted glasses’. This device also has a few disadvantages including the following:


Since it’s a fairly new system, it’s still expensive in relation to the use you will give it. That’s why it’s still not available in many gyms.

 It doesn’t allow for intramuscular coordination

Due to the fact that the stimuli are external, it causes muscles to stop ‘connecting’ with each other. This means that neuron-muscular fiber interaction is reduced. This could lead to functional decompensation by working on only the muscles and not the ligaments, bones nor fascia.

It’s not suitable for everybody

The electrostimulator cannot be used for example, by people who suffer from cardiovascular or circulatory problems. In addition, it shouldn’t be used by people with pacemakers nor pregnant womenSome people claim that the electrostimulator causes the body to become unaccustomed to physical activity. In any case, you can try it out to see if it works for you.

In conclusion, electrostimulation cannot be thought of as a miracle solution, rather, it’s a compliment that should be used responsibly. Before using this type of equipment, it’s important to consult your medical professional.

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