Elliptical Technique: Tips for Burning More Fat

When starting a diet, it's important to seek out information about healthy ways to lose weight through exercise. By using proper elliptical technique, you'll see incredible results.
Elliptical Technique: Tips for Burning More Fat

Last update: 16 October, 2018

Burning fat is the aim of many people who want to improve their physique. However, we often find that weight loss doesn’t happen as quickly as we’d like. Incorrect elliptical technique is just one example of an exercise that can hold us back.

The elliptical can be an excellent ally when it comes to meeting our weight loss goals, so long as we adopt the proper elliptical technique. In this article, we’ll show you how to get the most out of this form of exercise.

Losing more weight using proper elliptical technique

The elliptical has become one of the most popular cardio exercises in the world. This is for good reason, as it’s a highly effective activity that won’t wear you out like running, cycling, or other similar exercises.

Woman on elliptical

This type of exercise is also recommended for people looking to lose more weight. However, you need to practice the correct elliptical technique in order to make this goal a reality. In addition, it’s a great exercise due to its low impact on your joints and knees.

As with all exercise, there are basic recommendations that allow you to get the most out of it. Generally speaking, you can burn between 270 and 400 calories with a 30-minute elliptical session, depending on the resistance and speed that you use.

Tricks for effective elliptical use

Lower resistance

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to burning more fat on the elliptical, you need to use a lower resistance. To this end, your heart rate should remain between 60 and 70 percent.

For those who work out without a heart rate monitor, there’s a trick to maintaining a proper rate. Simply put, you should be able to hold a conversation without gasping for air while using the machine.


Without a doubt, this is a key factor for seeing faster results. It’s recommended to start with sessions varying between 20 and 40 minutes. Ideally, you can gradually build towards a full hour. The longer the session, the better the results.

In low-intensity workout regimens, the body begins to use fat for energy after 30 minutes. As such, the fat-burning process becomes more accelerated.

Adding HIIT

HIIT consists of short, high-intensity exercises. Once the body achieves a minimum level of training, we recommend incorporating HIIT into low-intensity workouts.

With these routines, you’ll burn the largest amount of calories possible. You can do three minutes of low-intensity exercise, 30 seconds of sprinting, two minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, 40 seconds of sprinting, and so on.

Woman on elliptical at gym

It warrants mentioning that this type of training is only for people in good physical shape. Similarly, remember that HIIT should not exceed 20 minutes, practiced once or twice a week.

Using the whole machine

In order to burn the most fat throughout the entire body, the elliptical should be fully used. One of the advantages offered by this machine is the possibility of using your upper and lower body at the same time, achieving better results as you go.

Eating before and after working out

In order for the body to have enough energy for a session of 45 minutes or more, you need to use the machine after eating and digesting. Exercising while fasting isn’t ideal, except on rare occasions to “surprise” the body, and only when the fast is less than 12 hours.

Advantages of using the elliptical

As you can see, the elliptical is one of the most effective machines for a harmonious full-body workout. Its many advantages include the following.

Working out various muscle groups, including the quads, calves, glutes, pecs, biceps, triceps, and lats.

Low impact on the joints, making it ideal for people with knee issues.

– Combined with a balanced diet, it promotes weight loss.

– As with other cardiovascular exercises, it helps to reduce stress, improves your mood, and strengthens the heart.

The elliptical is one of the best machines for working out the body and accelerating weight loss. However, you need to practice the proper elliptical technique for this to happen. Controlling factors, such as time and resistance, is key to getting the best possible results.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.