Exercise Classes That Work Your Entire Body

When you decide to join a gym, you are usually given many options for group classes, where you can exercise in a fun and entertaining way. In order to decide which ones to participate in, it is good to learn about the classes that work your entire body.
Exercise Classes That Work Your Entire Body

Last update: 02 July, 2018

When we finally decide to sign up for the gym, we often look in the mirror and think about which parts of our body we would like to work on. But we know that if we only work on some areas and neglect others, the result will not be very equitable in the long run. This is why we want to tell you about exercise classes that work your entire body.

Group exercise classes have become popular. Although they were previously considered feminine while weights were more masculine, these prejudices have now disappeared. But which ones are the best ones? We will tell you.

These are the classes that work your entire body


For those of you not keen on regular exercise,enjoy dance and want to take advantage of the opportunity to get in shape, choose a dance academy. You can also find a gym that has one of these classes.

Ballroom, salsa, or flamenco dancing can all help you burn fat and calories, and tone every muscle in your body.


classes that work your entire body zumba

Zumba has become very popular in recent years, partly because its results have proven to be very real. It is a mixture of dance and exercise that works the entire body and very effectively helps to eliminate fat and tone muscles.

As an added benefit, it is enticing for those who do not have the motivation to try traditional sports. Zumba classes are fun and enjoyable. The time flies by.

Body Combat

If you want to burn calories quickly and exercise your abs, arms, and legs, body combat is the class for you. It is high intensity and exhausting, but the results will be incredible.

This class has a repetition of high intensity movements with rest intervals in which you do not fully stop the activity, but give your body time to recover. At the beginning, you might find it difficult to follow the rhythm and movements, but with perseverance and a little effort, you will soon find yourself in your element.


Crossfit Trainer
Finding a good trainer is fundamental in order to not feel lost in the beginning.

Many people compare this routine to training carried out by army soldiers. It burns an incredible amount of calories and is undoubtedly one of the best classes to work your entire body. Crossfit is a combination of high intensity training and functional training. This creates cardiovascular breathing to make you lose fat and tone at the same time.

You have likely heard that it is a hard workout? Do not let this hold you back! You can go at your own pace and stop when you cannot do anymore. If you are consistent, you will soon be able to finish a whole class and see excellent results.

Spinning or indoor cycle

This class used to be called spinning. When the technique changed slightly, the name also changed to indoor cycle. Since it is a class that involves being on a stationary bicycle, many people assume that it only works the legs. On the contrary, this is actually a class to work your entire body.

The class instructor has a simple objective for you and the rest of the students: push your body to achieve its greatest power, strength, and intensity. There are less intense rest intervals, but most of the time you will be giving it your all. The result? High calorie burning and toning of the back, butt, legs, arms and abdomen. Your entire body!

Have you already decided on the next exercise class you will try at the gym this week? Sign up and try them all until you find the one you like the most. Or better yet, try a different one every day.


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