Exercises That Tone Glutes And Legs at The Same Time

Your legs and glutes have many different muscles. Training them offers benefits such as good circulation, cellulitis removal, as well as greater strength and endurance. Find out which exercises tone glutes and legs at the same time.
Exercises That Tone Glutes And Legs at The Same Time

Last update: 21 February, 2020

Are you embarrassed to go to the beach or wear shorts because you feel uncomfortable with your legs and glutes? Then this post is for you! We’ll show you several exercises that tone glutes and legs at the same time. Say goodbye to flab, and give your confidence a boost with exercises that tone glutes and legs. Keep reading to find out how!

With a few exercises that target both areas, you’ll get great results – defined thighs and a firm butt! So, make sure you include the following exercises in your routine, and you’ll be sure to see some changes!

Squats to tone glutes and legs

Squats are a very common exercise but they’re quite effective if you’re looking to tone your glutes and legs at the same time. In a squat, the energy is mainly concentrated in three areas: thighs, glutes, and abs. In addition, they burn calories and strengthen the ligaments in your knees.

To do a squat, stand and bend your knees, as if you’re sitting down on a chair. Keep your back straight and keep your heels planted on the floor. It’s very important that you avoid mistakes when doing squats. Otherwise, you won’t work the right muscles.


Kickbacks target your glutes, back, and the backs of your thighs. As such, they don’t just tone your glutes and legs, but your hips and back too.

Doing them is simple; get on your knees and place your hands on the floor. Then, keeping your back straight, lift one of your legs as high as possible (you should feel this in your glutes and back). Finally, return to the starting position.

Squat jumps

This exercise is exhausting; however, it’ll give you some awesome results. Squat jumps improve your circulation and give you rounder glutes. Doing them is very easy; simply put, it’s like doing a normal squat. The difference is you have to jump up before you land in the squat position. And from that position, you need to push up, to jump again.

tone glutes and legs woman jumping mountains

Lateral kicks

Lateral kicks strengthen your torso and waist. In addition, they firm the muscles in your legs, glutes, and abs. Stand up straight and place a hand on a chair or a wall. Then, lift one leg to the side and lower it back down without letting it touch the ground. And repeat.

Hip raises

Lifting your hips will firm up your abs and thighs. Furthermore, hip raises tone your glutes and strengthen your calves. Lie on your back with your knees bent, as if you were doing crunches. However, with this exercise, your feet should be hip-width apart. Then, with your arms on the ground, lift your hips and return to the starting position. This counts as one repetition.

Lateral squats

Lateral squats are another type of squat–effective if you’re looking to tone glutes and legs. These are a little more challenging than traditional squats because in this variation all the weight is supported on one leg.

Stand up with your back straight (you can hold a weight at chest height if you want to increase your muscle mass). Then, step over to the right and bend your knee as if you are in a squat. Your other leg should be extended; return to the starting position and repeat this on your left leg.

Jumping jacks or jump roping

Skipping rope and jumping jacks help to tone glutes and legs.

Jumping jacks and jump rope develop your muscles’ endurance while toning them and burning fat. Instead of counting your jumps, you can do jumping jacks for two or three minutes.

Hard work will give you great results and these exercises will give your legs and glutes the firmness you’ve always wanted. What’s more, you’ll also be working on other areas such as, your abs and back. Remember to stay well hydrated, be consistent, and most importantly, do the exercises correctly. This way, your results will be noticeably faster.

Finally, exercise isn’t just for your appearance. It’s important to remember that it’s crucial for good health and for keeping your joints, muscles, and ligaments in their best shape.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.