Fitness Trends from 2019

During 2019, we saw some of the best workout trends to help you reach your goals. In our post today, read about the workouts that are here to stay.
Fitness Trends from 2019

Last update: 11 January, 2020

Every year people who exercise regularly add new fitness trends to their workout routines. And 2019 was no exception. For our post today, we gathered the best fitness trends of 2019. Learn all about these exercises and their benefits today.

We prepared these fitness trends as a guide to help you push your limits and stay motivated for your goals. Choose your favorite one and get started!

Check out our list of best trends below!

1. High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is hands down one of the hottest trends from 2019. HIIT consists of short but intense sessions that push the body to its limits. The exercises in these programs demand maximum effort and fast recovery to quickly move into the next station of the circuit.

The workout alternates between intense peaks of cardio with recuperation phases and boasts many health benefits, especially for those looking to lose weight. If that weren’t enough, the intensity burns crazy calories and keeps the body’s metabolic rate high even after the workout.

fitness trends HIIT

People who have a hard time staying motivated benefit enormously from group workouts. As the name suggests, the workouts involve a network of people. Community spirit is a powerful incentive to exercise and that’s where these workouts take root.

For example, instead of running alone, organize a running group. Among other benefits, a running group can help everyone improve their performance.

Group workouts can also work for weight training or specific classes. Zumba or yoga are a pair of group favorites.

3. Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training was also a hot trend for 2019. These types of workouts help people to tone their bodies without any special gym equipment. Your body is an amazing tool for resistance training!

Suspension training, or TRX, was a common sight in fitness rooms during 2019. The workout uses body weight and gravity as a resistance tool to build strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility, in addition to core and joint stability.

fitness trends TRX

If you want to work on all of these aspects while burning body fat, TRX can put you on the path to success. Willing to give it a shot?

5. Zumba

Earlier in our list, we mentioned group workouts as a fitness trend and Zumba classes are the perfect example. Zumba can help keep you in shape thanks to its combination of cardio and toning movements. On top of that, the music will keep you motivated to dance.

6. Yoga

Yoga seems to be rising to new levels of popularity. It’s an amazing physical and mental workout as it reduces stress while building self-esteem. Meanwhile, it also helps improve posture and flexibility. This ancient practice actually encompasses many different variations that you can do at home or in a class.

fitness trends yoga

If you like switching up your routines, you’ll love circuit training. Generally speaking, workouts are composed of different exercises that work out different muscles, each for a few minutes. These workouts offer a well-rounded session with plenty of variety to keep boredom at bay.

To wrap up our post, don’t forget that the fitness trends of 2019 can still help you to stay motivated and make progress with each workout. Now that you’re up to speed, it’s time to pick a few and make some healthy changes to your exercise routine!

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