Get up to Speed with 2019 New Fitness Trends

Every year brings different workouts into popularity while new workouts appear as well. What does 2019 have in store for us?
Get up to Speed with 2019 New Fitness Trends

Last update: 01 June, 2019

The year 2019 brings us new ways to lose weight, get fit and release endorphins with new fitness trends. Discover them in our post today!

Another lap around the sun brings about a new beginning and new ways to get in shape. The fresh new year offers new chances to explore the world of fitness; you have a whole year ahead of you to try new workouts that you’ve never heard of before!

1. Training with your own body weight

Bodyweight training is popular this year thanks to the fast results it gives as well as the strength, resistance, and flexibility it builds. These exercises  don’t require any equipment, just your own bodyweight.

You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere. The different kinds of exercises, speeds and rhythms make them quite dynamic. But, because they’re demanding, people who are just started out in the fitness world should work their way up to bodyweight workouts.

fitness trends bodyweight

Wearable technology can help you exercise more efficiently. Some apps provide workouts, reminders and even organize workout schedules. You can even find bracelets that monitor heart rate and smartwatches in addition to other gadgets that innovate fitness.

The amazing thing about fitness technology is that you can choose one that best suits you. If you have a smartphone, you can download the apps or subscribe to websites and receive all the information you need to work out.

fitness trends technology

3. Programs for the elderly

The year 2019 won’t leave the elderly behind. This year, new fitness trends have a strong focus on the older generation. From mental motivation fitness to workout programs, the options are endless and work towards maintaining health.

A new fitness trend, mental fitness, has also emerged from these programs. Mental fitness aims to promote and teach exercise and mental control for all ages; it’s a fitness trend that also prevents neurodegenerative diseases.

fitness trends elderly

Pound fitness is a workout that’ll become even bigger over the next months. It’s an alternative workout in which participants use two drumsticks to pound the air to the rhythm of the music (normally rock).

Pound fitness is great for keeping heart attacks away as it burns calories, tones and strengthens muscles. It’s also great for trying something new and drumming to different kinds of music, which could help fine tune your musical ear.

fitness trends pound

5. Functional training

Functional training will continue enjoying popularity this year. In functional training, participants follow exercises that are designed by a professional with daily needs in mind. In other words, they’re exercises and routines that shape your body, condition, and lifestyle.

Professionally planned personalized workouts help bodies work more efficiently, prevent injuries and prevent diseases that could result from a rushed, unhealthy lifestyle.

fitness trends functional

6. Injury recovery exercises

Before, injuries often meant a recovery period that left workouts out of the picture. But, that’s changing in 2019. This year, there are new programs designed for athletes who are recovering from injuries.

These exercises aim to improve relationships between athletes, physiotherapists and coaches or trainers. Everyone works together towards a productive recovery period for the athlete.

fitness trends injuries
Resistance bands are great options for strengthening joints.

7. Short workouts

Staying in shape has never been this convenient thanks to HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Now, there are also high-intensity workouts with even shorter intervals and higher intensity. They’re great options for busy people who barely have time for exercise in their schedules.

fitness trends HIIT
HIIT training

8. Applications and other resources

Phone apps will evolve thanks to the big advances in technology and lifestyle changes. A big advantage that apps present is they don’t force you to go to a certain place at a certain time that could interfere with your schedule.

Some gyms and fitness centers also stream classes, allowing their members to watch and workout remotely.

fitness trends apps

Fitness is more than a trend– it’s a lifestyle. This year offers a bounty of great workouts to help you improve more each day. Trying new exercises and tools is a wonderful way to keep reinventing yourself!

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